The AWG Newsletter


Meetings For 2000

The AWG will hold two general membership meetings in 2000. The first will be April 28-29 at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. The Second will be October 20-21 at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Additionally, the AWG board will meet. Mark your calendars.


The Spring Meeting

The meeting at Central will focus on "Geography in Washington State in the New Millennium." We encourage faculty and students from all academic institutions, and members from organizations employing geographers to participate and present on contemporary geographic research, teaching, service or employment in Washington.

The meeting will begin Friday evening, April 28th, with a social event, a dinner and a guest speaker. Member presentations will be on Saturday, the 29th.

Further information will be sent as we get closer to the meeting. In the mean time if you have a question or if you would like to make a presentation, contact Karl Lillquist at


The Fall Meeting

The focus of the fall meeting will be on student presentations. Subjects are open-ended as long as they are geographic. We would like students from all academic levels-graduates to k-12 to participate. Presentation may be either oral or poster. More information will be mailed before the academic world takes its summer break.

The point of contact for the fall meeting is Patrick Buckley at


Board Meeting

The Board of Directors for the AWG will meet November 4 at Bellevue Community College to set the meeting schedule for 2001 and to address issues related to the organization. Any member is welcome to attend or to submit items for discussion. Contact


 Web Site

The new "address" for the AWG web site is

The latest information on meetings and happenings in the Washington State geographic community (and the AWG) will be posted on the web site.


K-12 Social Studies

Fred Matteucci has been working on the geography portion of the social studies EALRs and has advised us the new EALRs can be reviewed at http//


AWG Pins and Coffee Mugs

Due to membership demand we will be offering Lapel Pins and ceramic Coffee Mugs with the AWG logo. The logo will have a green background and will be the same as the letterhead on this newsletter. Pins will sell at $4.00 each and Coffee Mugs at $5.00 each. You can order them on the form below. Please indicate how many you would like and include payment. The preferred method of delivery is at the Spring Meeting in Ellensburg, but if you will be unable to attend, please enclose postage and handling- $2.50 for the pins (unlimited quantity), and $2.95 each for the coffee mugs.

Membership Dues:

We are now into Y2K and need to receive year 2000 membership dues. If you are already paid and do not have a receipt enclosed, please let us know. If you did not pay at the Fall 1999 meeting or did not send your payment into the treasurer please fill out the attached membership form and mail it to:

Tom Chow
Edmonds Community College
2000 68th Ave. W.
Edmonds, WA. 98036


Name: __________________________ Affiliation: __________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________ E-mail: _____________________________




Membership dues for year 2000 ($10.00, $5.00 for students) =

___ Coffee Mugs at $5.00 each = _______
___ * Postage for Coffee Mugs at $2.95 each = _______
___ Lapel Pins at $4.00 each = _______
___ * $2.50 postage for lapel pins = _______