Association of Washington Geographers
Board Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2002
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Present at meeting:

Dr. Patrick Buckley - President
Dr. James W. Harrington - Vice President
Charles Dodd - Treasurer
Todd R. Wright - Secretary
Dr. Moses Lai
Dr. Neil Sorenson

During February 2nds board meeting, heavy discussion took place in terms of identifying ways of "reaching out" and promoting geography as a more useful and meaningful attribute for society. Termed "the breeding ground of our future", students enrolled within K-12 were quickly identified as our greatest avenue for such a promotion. As such, the board concluded that it lay within the AWG's best interest to further solidify a congenial relationship between the Geography Alliance and the AWG. Through establishing a greater relationship, the AWG anticipates gaining greater knowledge, not only in terms of what, but how the Alliance provides instruction within the K-12 classroom setting. Concurrence also fell upon the issue of wanting to build stronger personal ties with Alliance members to discover ways of providing assistance with these instructional methods.

In an effort to bring both associations to the same table, invitations are to be arranged for members of the Geography Alliance to attend the AWG's Spring 2002 meeting. Tentatively, late spring or early summer pose as potential meeting dates. Due to its central proximity within the Puget Sound region, the U. of Washington lays near the top of the list as a potential meeting place.

- end -

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