Association of Washington Geographers

Board Meeting

5pm Aug 5, 2002

At University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Members in attendance: P. Buckley (Pres), J.W. Harrington (VP), David Jeschke, Kerry Lyste, Tom Chow, and Neil Sorenson.


Minutes of Previous AWG Board Meeting (February 2, 2002)

Old Business

Item 1: Representative for Geographic Alliance Board suggest assigning this to VP office

Discussion: Returning to this issue from Spring 2002 following points were discussed

Result: A motion was unanimously approved to designate the Vice President as the AWG representative to the Geographic Alliance.


Item 2: Geographic Alliance invite them to add a member to our board

Discussion: As had been discussed at the previous Spring Board Meeting at our meeting with Geographic Alliance in the Fall we would like to invite them to designate a member to join our Board if they so desired.

Result: This item will be added to agenda for Fall Meeting


Item 3: Mattuci Award

Discussion: Based on discussion from previous meeting.

Result: Neil moved and the board concurred that the winner of the Washington State Geography Bee be invited to our Fall Meeting (note -- this will have to be re-visited at the next board meeting since there is no Fall Meeting this year for the General Membership as noted below) to receive the first annual Mattuci Award.


New Business

Item 1: Fall Meeting with Geographic Alliance

Discussion: The Fall Meeting for the AWG will be the joint meeting with the Geographic Alliance

Item 2: Long-term -- Three year schedule

Discussion: A long-term schedule will be very helpful.

How to utilize our current practice of a Spring and Fall meeting

Fall 2002 -- Joint Meeting with Geographic Alliance

Spring 2003 - Academic focus - explore Canadian venue

Fall 2003 - Explore day of field trips at Central Washington U.

Spring 2004 - Academic focus - Tom Chow, Edmonds CC as sponsor

Fall 2004 - Professional focus - explore the possibility of focusing on the Port of Seattle

Spring 2005 - Academic focus - look for 4 year school possibly SPU, Evergreen, Eastern Washington

Item 3: Long-term schedule for Board Meetings

Discussion: In order to make advanced planning for Board Meetings easier for Board members, a schedule of three to four meetings was set for the next 12 months. This should provide for easier planning by board members.

Result: Three meetings scheduled during the academic year plus summer meeting if required:

Item 4: Outreach to BC Canadian programs

Discussion: With approval of a long-term plan for two annual meetings per year, it was suggested that to consistently get a critical mass of students and faculty at an annual academic meeting it might be useful to invite Canadian schools in lower BC to join with us. In fact it was pointed-out that a number of these schools had already seen the agenda for this meeting and had sent e-mails supporting greater coordination. It was also pointed-out that students and faculty from some of these schools have attended a couple of our recent meetings.

To start the ball rolling it was suggested that we explore the possibility of having a Canadian School host a Spring Academic Meeting as early as Spring 2003.

Result: The president was asked to contact Canadian Schools and see if an arrangement could be made for a joint AWG/BC meeting could be scheduled.

Item 5: Issues for future Board Meetings

Items for Fall Meeting

Item for Winter meeting

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Posted: September 17, 2002