AWG:  Association of Washington Geographers

Board Meeting Minutes[1]

Saturday 13 December 2003, 10:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.


Attendance:  Patrick Buckley (Past-President), Chip Dodd (Treasurer), JW Harrington (President), David Jeschke (Vice President), Richard Tebbetts


Minutes of 18 October meeting:  approved


Treasurer’s report

Balances:  $108.30 (checking);  $1840.61 (savings)

Income from Autumn meeting:  $120

Expenses from Autumn meeting:  $77.11 food, beverages, etc;  $75 speaker’s fee

We will need a new receipt book, our current one indicates 19xx for the year. If it is not too expensive the treasurer will get one with AWG preprinted.


Planning for Spring meeting

Venue:  UCFV (University College of the Fraser Valley), 33844 King Road, Abbotsford BC


Schedule:  Discussion led the Board to make the following suggestions to Claire Beaney at UCFV, based on an assumption that the evening before the main meeting is the night that people might drive in and stay overnight:

Friday 4/23:  gather at a restaurant[2] (preferably in a separate space) for no-host dinner and keynote speaker

Saturday 4/24:  one combined field trip leaving ~8:30;  registration (and late arrivals) ~10:30;  presentations starting ~11:00 until ~5:00


Program:  Board preferences regarding

     Themes:  Canada-US cross-border issues as the major theme, though all paper and poster presentations are welcome

     Speaker:  Would it be possible to identify a good speaker who deals with border issues (environmental, trade, security, or any other issue) or cross-border comparisons (e.g., growth management or environmental management). Speaker could be paid by UCFV and cost added to invoice for AWG to simplify payment of taxes.

     Field trips:  given the uncertainty of attendance, the Board suggested a single field trip that combines natural and social elements, and a theme of cross-border issues and comparisons.


Prizes:  categories, adjudication, amounts: 

The Vice President (David) will take charge of the competition and prizes, including recruiting judges.

Students wishing to present a paper or poster will need to pre-register,[3] and to declare their status:  community-college or lower division undergrad;  upper-division undergrad;  graduate student.

Poster presentations will have up to 5 minutes;  paper presentations will have up to 15 minutes.  Depending on the response during pre-registration, we may need to have spaces for two concurrent sessions.  Publicity for the event should note these times, and should note that prizes will be given in six categories.

Six prizes, for best paper (US$25 plus mug) and best poster (US$15 plus mug) by a student at each level.  Second-place winners will be announced and given AWG mugs.


Encouraging student attendance (John Newcomb @ UVic is interested):  Board members agreed to suggest that their Winter Quarter classes prepare AWG presentations;  JW will speak with folks at SFU and UBC.


Lodging and logistics?  Ask our UCFV hosts to suggest a hotel, motel, or inn for Friday night stayovers.  Suggested that registration entail two stations (probably at the same table):  someone from UCFV to collect a registration fee from everyone (of a size that will pay for all meeting expenses, including food) and Chip Dodd to collect 2004 membership dues from those who would like to join.  Each set of payments should be payable in Canadian or US currency. Students will be asked to pay the conference registration fee, but AWG membership is optional.


Website:  Richard will convene a meeting (virtual or otherwise) of Todd and SunHee.  The Board supports getting an AWG internet domain name now, and asking Todd and/or SunHee to create a website (in consultation with Gunter Krumme).  The major links and publicity would be changed from the current site only after the new site is ready. 

The Board agreed that the role of “Webmensch” should be separate from the role of Secretary (i.e., the Secretary is not automatically the webmaster), but that the AWG Secretary would be encouraged to take on the role of Webmensch.


WAGA:  There is currently no active Washington Geographic Alliance.


Geography Bee (Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Friday 2 April)

Evelyn McNeal, contact:  Chip and David will contact Ms. McNeal to offer their services.  Chip will ask if he could possibly make a brief presentation during the day.


Mattucci Award:  The Board agreed to make this an occasional award, to honor someone who has made a substantial contribution to K-12 geography education in Washington State.


Duties of Secretary and Treasurer:  Given the number of reporting, compiling, editing, and mailing duties of the Secretary, the Treasurer should be the main recipient of members’ contact information (with membership dues), and should maintain the contact list.  The Treasurer should also prepare a written budget forecast for each calendar year, and should review it with the Board at each Board meeting.


Next meeting:  The Board will meet immediately following the Spring meeting.  The Board agreed to hold one meeting east of the Cascade Mountains (in Ellensburg) during the next year and a half.



[1] Produced by JW Harrington and David Jeschke.

[2] Upon learning about the large South Asian population in Abbottsford, some Board members clamored to meet at an Indian restaurant!

[3] We’ll need a clear deadline for pre-registration.