From Wed Apr 21 19:27:32 1999
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 19:18:44 PDT
From: neil sorenson 
Subject: Spring Meeting Cancelled

Dear Board of Directors

Some wag once said, "indecision is the key to flexibility." I can no 
longer be flexible. I must cancel the spring meeting.

As of this moment--seven days after the date I asked for responses--I 
have only ten people signed up. I have told the caterer, the port and 
the museum we would have at least 20 people. What's more I told them 
I would give them a firm count on the 16th of April. With ten people 
and an over due commitment on letting people know "this dog will not 

I realize that it may be possible to generate a bit more interest by 
one-on-one contact but I don't see us reaching the 20, especially in 
time to let all concerned know so they won't be dangling on a string 
wondering what sort of buffoons are setting up programs for the AWG. 
Additionally, I have not set-up transportation from BCC to the port. 
I needed a count to contract with the state motor pool for 
vans/buses. With an uncertain count and time frame--I can't do it.

This entire exercise brings up a point about setting up meetings. A 
committee of one does not have a great deal of flexibility. It 
requires "X" amount of time to make arrangements for a meeting. If 
that time is spread over a number of people each person can take care 
of their part of the arrangements without much difficulty and still 
have time to take care of the unexpected. In the case of the spring 
meeting, I was a committee of one and did and do not have the 
flexibility in my schedule to deal with the uncertainty of a short 

This brings me to the fall meeting, more people must be involved 
especially in generating interest before a week and a half from the 
meeting or the the fall meeting will be heading for fate similar to 
the spring attempt.

These were the plans for the now cancelled meeting: