Bylaw Revisions

AWG Members, below are the suggested revisions of the bylaws.  The additions and changes are in bold type and deleted materials are lined-out.  Changes reflect the following major points:


1.        Assignment of our Vice President to a seat reserved for AWG on the Washington Geographic Alliance (WAGA) board (Article IV Section 1) and in return creating a seat on our board for a representative of WAGA (Article V Section 2).  The purpose of these moves reflects our desire to create more coordination and communication between AWG and WAGA, while recognizing their different missions and cliental.


2.        Minor correction to reflect the fact that we have four officers who are all on the board, and codification of our practice of having the out-going past-President appointed to the board (Article V Section 2).


3.        Statement of our desire to have a board which is well representative of the Geography profession both in academia and the private sector and across our geographic extent.  A statement reflects this fact and in addition to make certain that 4-year and 2-year colleges are represented as well as professional geographers, of the remaining five (5) board seats one (1) is reserved for each of these three categories.  The remaining two seats (2) are considered at-large (Article V Section 2).  The purpose of this wording is to guarantee that our organization always considers all or our constituents in selecting board members.


4.        Expansion of our board from the current ten (10) members to eleven (11).  This enables the addition of one new member to represent WAGA (Article V Section 2).


5.        Resulting proposed board membership:

1)       President

2)       Vice President

3)       Secretary

4)       Treasurer

5)       Past-President

6)       WAGA Representative

7)       4-year and above college member

8)       2-year college member

9)       Professional Geographer member

10)    First at-large member

11)    Second at-large member

Note that all positions (officers and other board members) with the exception of the WAGA representative, will be voted on by the entire membership.  WAGA will appoint its representative to the board.


6.        Change of the wording from executive committee to the Board.  This makes the document easier to understand.



These proposed changes will be discussed and voted on at the Fall Meeting.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


Patrick Buckley

AWG President  (360) 650-4773




Present AWG Bylaws