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Neil Sorenson, President
Pat Buckley, Vice President
Tom Chow, Treasurer
Moses Lai, Director
Fred Matteuci, Director
David Jeschke, Director

General Membership Meeting Schedule for 2001

The Future of the AWG Web Site

Membership Issues

The Board decided on two meetings for 2001.

  1. The spring meeting will be held at Western Washington University on 6 and 7 April

    Pat Buckley and the WWU Geography faculty will develop the details for the spring meeting.

    The board provided general guidelines:

    • The theme will be related to the geography of the "boarder" region
    • There will be a call for papers on cross boarder issues

    • While papers will be accepted from any person doing geographic research, awards will be given for best student papers in various categories including


  • The Board directed the President to ask the Geography Department at the University of Washington if they would host the fall meeting.

    Subsequent to the Board meeting, the University of Washington has been contacted. The UW Geography Department has agreed to hold the fall meeting. The Geography Department is working on details as soon as they are available they will be posted on the web site and will be included in the first of the year flyer.

  • All Board members were very positive about the role the web site has played in keeping the membership informed and on its role as a resource for geographers.

    There has been a problem of getting geography departments to submit information/news on there programs. The board will make a point of contacting department and asking for inputs.

    The Board discussed the "Board Discussion" site. Since no one present at the Board meeting was actively checking the board site, it was agreed that if it requires the Web Master to spend time in maintenance the site should be closed. [This site has already been disconnected for several months (WebMensch)]