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Board Meeting, November 20, 1999

Thu Dec 2 14:26:22 PST 1999 -
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 09:29:14 PST
From: neil sorenson

At the 20 November board meeting there were discussions and decisions that are of importance to the entire board, AWG members and geographers at-large:

For 2000 we will continue with two general membership meetings. The spring meeting will be held the end of April/early May at Central Washington University (CWU). CWU will establish the date and the agenda. However, the board has suggested that "important" functions be held on a Saturday with a possible informal social event on Friday night.

The fall meeting will be at Western Washington University the weekend of 21-22 October (mark your calendar). The fall meeting will be largely devoted to student presentations.

Gunter is going to evaluate the long term needs of the web site and if possible based on budget considerations "nail down" a domain name that will make it easier for people to make their way to our site.

We will continue to use the web site as a primary method of communications especially for longer documents such as presentation abstracts and geography department news items. We will, however, send one or two page newsletters via the U.S. mail. Hard copy newsletters will be used to remind members of important events, to pay dues and to check the web site.

We will send the next hard copy newsletter in January. The newsletter will be oriented toward informing people of the meeting schedule for the year ahead and asking for dues payment.

I asked that all board members create an organizational email list with the addresses of all board members. When a board member is discussing AWG business via email use the organizational address so all board members are kept informed.

For 2000 we will continue to send newsletters to everyone on our mailing list regardless of paid-up status. In 2001 we will start to selectively cull names of people we have not heard from from the list.

We had a long discussion on incentives to attract new members. Troy Brown is checking into the cost of membership related hardware, e.g. lapel pins, hat pins, coffee cups. The general feeling was that some "mark" of membership would be a positive provided that such an acquisition would not break the bank.

There was a lengthy debate on incentives/prizes for "best" student presentations. There were two primary concerns regarding this issue. First, there was no general agreement on what would be a suitable "prize"--- money, a certificate, a plaque. The second concern was about administration. How would be determine who had the best paper/presentation? I think we should continue to work this issue and develop a consensus by 2001. Put your thoughts on this one on the board discussion page.

We discussed clock hours for K-12 as a means to motivate more participation from teachers. I feel we need more info on what we can do to make sure our meetings fit the clock hour criteria. Fred can you help on this?

This list of items is not complete it only contains items from my sketchy notes. Kerry will be publishing the official minutes. With this sketch and the official minutes everyone should all have an idea of where we are heading in 2000.

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