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The Youngster Who's Out to Energize SAP Shai Agassi is a 34-year-old Israeli software whiz/entrepreneur who hopes to be "a contrarian" among the German giant's greybeards Business Week, JUNE 26, 2002; CLOSEUP By Steve Hamm

Agassi's vision: "to create a new generation of software for corporations that he calls "event-based" applications. Unlike SAP's core products, which automate specific functions such as finance, human resources, and materials planning, the new software is being designed to cut across many of these functions at the same time."

County blew $38 million: Here's what went wrong Seattle Times, July 28, 2000 by Roberto Sanchez

The managers of King County's unfinished $38 million financial computer system didn't take into account basic computer and business procedures, forced part of the system online before it was ready, and spent the rest of their budget trying to fix problems that followed, leading to the cancellation of the project last month.... In December 1997, county administrators chose a software package from PeopleSoft, based in Pleasanton, Calif., to handle payroll for both county and Metro employees. A year later, the county decided to buy an accounting package from SAP, based in Walldorf, Germany, to run general finances for both Metro and King County. In May 1999, the German firm BrightStar was hired to manage that side of the project.

Oracle-Chef: Microsoft zerschlagen; Rhein Zeitung, Sept.25, 1998

"Die Oracle Corp. ist mit Programmen für Unternehmens- Zentralcomputer zum zweitgrößten US-Softwarehersteller emporgestiegen und tritt nun mit Programmen für billige Netzwerk-PC gegen Microsoft an. Mit seiner Unternehmenssoftware ist Oracle der Hauptkonkurrent der SAP AG (Walldorf). Ellison erklärte zum Ziel, den Weltmarktführer SAP binnen fünf Jahren zu überholen."

Microsoft, Arthur Andersen ally Seattle Times, Thursday, Aug. 21, 1997, by Reuters,

Arthur Andersen and Microsoft are joining forces to promote computer systems for midsized businesses based on the software giant's Windows NT platform and BackOffice applications.... Under the latest deal, Arthur Andersen will expand its practice dedicated to advising midsize businesses with annual sales of $200 million to $2 billion on how to implement complex software systems from German giant SAP.


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