Geography 450

Building a Resource Page


Objectives: This quarter-long assignment (exercise # ) has three main objectives, namely, to give you opportunities to

  1. practice your Library and Information Resource Skills
  2. get a start on your project(s) in which you have some interest for personal or professional reasons; and
  3. contribute to an Internet based resource system which will be useful to future generations of students.

Themes or Topics:

The focus of the assignment should be a theme related to one of the following planned or anticipated activities (which themselves are not part of this class):

  1. a future research activity
  2. a Business Plan
  3. a Consulting Report
  4. a detailed application for an Internship or a Volunteer (e.g. Service-Learning) activity which does not yet exist (but which you want to create, define and prepare for yourself).
  5. your senior project
  6. any other project for your portfolio

Process for Building your Resource Page:

There does NOT appear to be any opportunity to work on this assignment during class time. While independent outside-class library work will be needed, your instructor would be more than happy to discuss your resource needs and help you find resources after class. The length of your "Resource Page" should be the equivalent of at least two regular pages. It will be due, in digital form, during the last week of the quarter and should become part of your project (stay tuned).


Your Resource Page should contain appropriate bibliographical (including Internet) references to publications which are informative to you, to your anticipated project and to other students "out there". These references should be

One third to one half of your references should be "annotated". By "annotation" we want to understand at least two sentences formulated by you, one sentence describing the content of the document, another to spell out the role which this document will play in your future project ("What will it do for you?").

Please identify those items or references which you have actually consulted, i.e. you have checked them out or seen the original in toto, and have read at least parts of it.

You will find further help and suggestions in the following pages:

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