Geographies of Cyberspace and the Internet Economy


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  1. Cyberspace and the Internet

  • Dodge, Martin. "An Atlas of Cyberspaces."
  • Terry Harpold [Georgia Institute of Technology], Dark Continents: A Critique of Internet Metageographies Postmodern Culture vol.9(2), 1999, online-text-only. [reference to telegeography, Martin Dodge's work etc.]
    ... analyzes a series of > cartographic visualizations of the historical > diffusion of the Internet, as an example of the > complicity of techniques of scientific > visualization with the contrasting invisibility of > political and economic formations.

  • Oregon's Telecommunications Atlas

  • Information Technology and the Future of Urban Environments (Taub Center, NYU)

  • Information Architecture & Locational Patterns in Cyberspace
  • The commercialization of cyberspace will be closer to the historical experience of merchant streets that sprout out from vibrant urban culture, than to the shopping centers spread in the dullness of anonymous suburbs (Castells, The Rise of the Network Society, 1996, p.355)

    1. Mapping Hypertext & Hypermedia
    2. Locating your Website in Internet Space
    3. Searching the Internet
    4. How do Search Engines do it?

  • Social & Cultural Issues
    1. CyberLaw: Legal Issues in Electronic Commerce....."
    2. Digital Divide & CyberSegregation
    3. Gender Equity in CyberSpace (Computer Games) || "COMPLETE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT": VIDEO GAMES AS GENDERED PLAY SPACES [by Henry Jenkins]

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