QUIZ (450/99)

You have two choices:


Define, briefly explain the derivation of the function and then account for the theoretical role of two (2) of the listed (below) spatial concepts or constructs:

In other words:

  1. What is it?
  2. Where does it come from? (How was it derived?)
  3. What is it supposed to accomplish?

Further explanation (taken from the agenda for week 6):
This final component of our Midterm serves multiple functions, namely to identify your semantic, conceptual and theoretical understanding of some "words" we have used to get our ideas across. Thus, please make an attempt to go beyond the (necessary) definitional stage and convey, in your own words, your understanding of the role of the concept in question for the derivation of theoretical insights, in the original context in which the concept was presented, and/or in the context to which you suggest to apply it. Do not hesitate to introduce other related concepts (and their meaning) if you feel they are useful to differentiate (sharpen) the meaning of the focal concept or to explain other important relationships between the focal concept and its conceptual and theoretical "hinterland".

or: B

Alternatively, define (only) all five concepts (as completely as you have time for).

Locational Concepts, Constructs or Functions:

  1. critical isodapane (Weber)
  2. spatial iso-outlay line (or locational isocost curve) (Moses)
  3. locational rent function (Thünen)
  4. bid price curve or bid rent function (Alonso)
  5. spatial demand function (Lösch)