Technology and economic development : the dynamics of local, regional, and national competitiveness

Edward J. Malecki

2nd. ed., Essex, England : Longman, 1997. [HC79.T4 M346 1997]

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Preface page xi
Acknowledgements xiii
List of abbreviations xv

Chapter 1 Economic growth and development at the local, regional and national levels 1

Cores and peripheries 3
Technology, regions and economic development 5
Growth or development? 11
The traditional competitiveness of a regional economy: the economic base 15
Which economic base is best? 21
The service sector: engine of growth? 26
The competitiveness of places: technological capability 33

Chapter 2 Technological capability- the core of economic development 36

Production functions and equilibrium: the neoclassical model and alternatives 37
Regional growth in equilibrium and disequilibrium 46
The process of technological change 50
The linear model 51
The product cycle and economic development 63
The context for technological change 71
Conclusion 71

Chapter 3 Innovation in the firm: technology in the corporate context 73

The growth innovation 73
Technology: a long wave view 75
High-tecnology industries: problems of definition and significance 81
R&D as an economic activity 90
Management of technology 91
Conclusion 110

Chapter 4 The location of economic activities: flexibility and agglomeration 112

Industrial location and the role of labour 112
The spatial division of labour in large firms 115
The location of non-production activities 123
Post-Weberian location theory 128
Flexibility 129
Agglomeration revisited 150
Conclusion 155

Chapter 5 Entrepreneurs, small firms and economic development 157

The concept of entrepreneurship 157
Regional variation in entrepreneurship 162
The importance of networks 170
Venture capital networks in the entrepreneurial environment 174
Policies for entrepreneurial environments 179
Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environments in developing countries 186
Conclusion 190

Chapter 6 Corporations and networks of large firms 191

Globalization of economic activity 191
Corporate structure and strategy in global firms 201
Patterns of transnational investment 213
World cities 216
Production chains and global production 218
Linkages: subcontracting, partnerships and alliances 228
Conclusion 232

Chapter 7 Creating competitiveness in nations, regions and localities 234

National systems of innovation 235
Government policy and technology 237
Industrial innovation and technology policy 245
Policies for regional and local competitiveness 253
Policies for regional high-tech development 263
Directing technology: encouraging the development of learning regions 271
Conclusion 272

Chapter 8 The technological and competitive challenge for developing countries 273

The necessity for science and technology 274
An East Asian 'miracle'? Industrial and technology policy in the development process 277
The challenge of technology upgrading 281
The transition from central planning 294
Learning and the costs of not learning
Technology transfer: no easy route to competitive
The role of institutions
Conclusions and suggestions for policy

Chapter 9 Development in a competitive world: challe. twenty-first century

Technology and the future
Human capital and economic development
Skills and capabilities: education and training
Infrastructure for development
Time clocks and the pace of change 321
Conclusion 322

References 323

Index 451