Geography 350 - Take-Home Assignment (Spring 1999)

1. Now that all assignments have been due and duly registered (i.e. copied by instructor), we want to learn from each other more explicitly. Check out and incorporate into your own assignments what you would consider the best and most appropriate facets of other class members' assignments. Use your own format, words and calculations, but, whenever possible, correct and improve on your answers and interpretation of the assignment at hand.

(a) Should you have missed an earlier assignment(s), please finish it now.

If you need further suggestions as to what to include on your "Resource Page" (aside from all the other suggestions on the guidelines): Items for your "Summer Reading List" related to your 350 area of interests (annotated with a brief explanation/justification).

(b) Should you have answered all assignments and feel there is nothing to improve, please accept my congratulations!

2. Research and write two pages of concise and well-structured "content" (250-300 words per page) related to your mini-research topic or "area of interests" for which you have prepared yourself throughout this quarter.

At least one of these two pages should cover your connections between perspectives and analytical tools covered in class or the readings, on the one hand, and your topic on the other. [Your "topic" has to be based on or should be part of what you had specified as your "area of interests" earlier during the quarter

On the remaining space/page, you have more freedom to present what you feel is appropriate to reflect your interests and work for your "area of interests". You may, for example, connect your own interests to the interests of other class members or develop a specific research proposal for work to be done in the future. Or you may want to be explicit about the research questions and methods of analysis which you have found used by other researchers while you were working on your resource page and which you now suggest may be useful in your own future work. (Among other purposes: I would to be able to consider some of your research questions and analytical perspectives (and suggested tools) for potential inclusion into a future Geography 350.

Do not hesitate to use text which you have written earlier during the quarter. All rules of identifying sources and avoiding plagiarism apply. Also, following John K's suggestion, a sufficiently well explained (explicit) flow chart suggesting various focal relationships between key concepts or components of "your model" may be appropriate. However large it is, it will not count more than 1/2 page of your minimum of 2 pages.

Please ask if you have any doubt about the structure and content of your write-up.

Due: June 8 (Tuesday), 4:30 pm Task #1 has to be online (changes to the original assignments);
Task #2 can be on paper or online (No Email, please).

However, please send me an Email identifying

  1. which assignments you have changed or expanded; and
  2. the URL for task #2 (if appropriate).