Early Midterm-Quiz (Geography 350, April 22, 1999)


PART I: (15 pts/min) Select 5 (five) from the following 8 items (3 points each). First, please define and/or identify the term's conceptual meaning. If appropriate, you may also want to suggest briefly why this concept may be relevant or how it may be used in the context of this class. Please write legibly!

(1) What exactly is the "Total Fertility Rate" (TFR)?


Glossary [Fertility]


(2) How, in general, would the "land-intensity" of an activity affect its location?




(3) What are "economies of agglomeration"?




(4) What are the "terms of trade" of a region?




(5) How does the "Engel's Law" relate to employment shifts between economic sectors?




(6) What is a "Boolean operator"?




(7) Define two of the following three types of metropolitan regions: MSAs, CMSAs, and PMSAs.




(8) What do you know about "Regional Science"?




PART II (15 points/ minutes)

Select one of the following two topics for a brief and concise statement (15 minutes):

  1. There are many different types of models which have helped social scientists to control the complexity of real world phenomena, interdependencies and processes. What insights have you gained from your reading of Stokey & Zeckhauser's (A Primer for Policy Analysis) chapter 2 on "Models" and our frequent class discussions of "structure", as to how we might want to go about dealing with the complexity of our particular slice of the "real world"?

    Just in case you feel that you have understood our class framework, you also have the option to comment on how our framework (with or without links to your area of interest) tries to address the complexity issue.

    How to write 15-Minutes Examination Essays

  2. You have read Ronald Lee's paper on The History of Demography in the U.S.. What have you learned as to how some of the particular conceptual differentiations which demographers are suggesting to other social scientists might help your understanding of those parts of your interests which you intend to link to our class?

Take-Home Part of this Midterm: Please complete or (if needed) revise all assignments which have become due at this point:

  1. An introduction to your interests and the review of a piece of the literature which has helped you to get into your present "field of interests and evolving competence". One important measure of the success of these assignments is how well they communicate your class interests to your peers (and to me).

  2. The Location Quotient with an interpretation which highlights its relationship to and significance for your area of interests.

  3. The intra-class linkage analysis (using the "Collaboration Matrix").