Take-Home Midterm

Spring 2000

One Topic for All: "Structure and Structural Change in Regional Economic Analysis: A Discussion in the Context of Your Focal Area." On the basis of
  1. Your readings;
  2. Your location quotient experience;
  3. Your other explorations in your own Geog 350-related "area of focus"; and
  4. Our class deliberations
discuss your criteria for selecting (types and sizes of) spatial and other categories (such as regions, industries, types of services, population groups, land use categories, etc.) and the advantages and disadvantages of such categories, for your future local economic or market area analyses for which (let's assume) you are preparing yourself. At this stage of our class, we are primarily interested in selecting viable categories and then finding the appropriate degree of disaggregation (within such categories) and a desirable level of complexity of the economic "structure" and structural relationships which we plan to recognize and deem appropriate for our analyses of regional economies and changes in such economies.

It is expected that you use resources for your answer. Please follow standard bibliographical citation rules. Your answer should be carefully formulated, typewritten and proofread. Length (rule of thumb): 3-5 double-spaced pages (750-1200 words).
Due: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 [This has been extended to Thursday, April 27 for those who will be attending the Tuesday 25th meeting or have a viable prior excuse]

Potential Sources:

Questions which have been asked and answered:

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, ABC wrote:

> hello, Prof. Krumme!
> I'm writing regarding the midterm, for which I need some clarification
> so I can start prepare over the weekend.
> Do you want us to pick a focal region (i.e structure of international
> trade in seattle--in my case) and evaluate how this structure and changes
> impact seattle economy?
> Also, in one of your resources(economic base concept), there are many
> different types of changes-simple change, compositional change, population
> change, etc.. seems like the compositional change is the concept regarded
> to our midterm.  Do you want us to look at all different types of
> changes or compositional changes...
> Thank you.

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 19:21:01 -0700 (PDT) From: Economic Geography Subject: Re: midterm I want you to read the question VERY carefully and understand it fully. The discussion of different kinds of change is listed in the glossary under "economic change" and NOT under the economic base concept. Compositional change may be most important at this stage of the class, but not necessarily the only type of change... If you are interested in the effect/impact of international trade on local economies, what kind of region would you select? Why the city of Seattle? Why not the Metropolitan Region of Seattle etc. or the CMSA? or the Puget Sound region? What does "international trade" exactly mean? What kinds of activities are included or do YOU want to include? How would you plan to disaggregate your total "international trade" into what kinds of component activities? and why? e.g. if you are interested in assessing future change in the structure of international trade activities around here... what kinds of changes in the composition would you expect and how would you suggest the total should be disaggregated? Yes, you may need some sources which relate to your focal interests. I hope this helps. G.K.