WashPIRG's 13th Annual Hunger Cleanup.

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 13:03:35 -0800
From: Seth A Levin
Subject: Spring Quarter Presentations

Dear Faculty,

I am writing you with regard to WashPIRG's largest event of the year, the 13th Annual Hunger Cleanup. UW joins hundreds of campuses across the country again this year on April 12th to Clean up our community . Last year's event was a major success with over a hundred students participating at the UW, with over $1000 raised for local and national relief organizations.

I would first off, like to invite you to join us for this event at 10am in Red Square on April 12th. Rep. Jim McDermott will be speaking as will other members of the community. Participants will enjoy breakfast, then head out into the community to volunteer three hours of their time.

Secondly, I would like to ask you if we could return to your classroom to get interested students involved in the event and others through a presentation format. We are asking all faculty who teach undergraduate classes in the spring quarter to be a part of our successful recruitment drive. It would greatly aid our drive if we could be allowed to enter classrooms in the first three days of classes to make a 2-3 minute presentation on the Hunger Cleanup and our volunteer and internship opportunities. Please respond with the following information, if you are able to help us out. (If you have already responded, please ignore, or forward this note. I will be writing you this week with a confirmed date.)

Teaching faculty name   _____________
class # _____________ (i.e. ENGL 101)
optimal time _________ (in first thre days of classes [M,T,W] - i.e. M
1:30, we'll be there early to intro ourselves)
room # _______
projected attendance __________ (classes only over 30 people)
phone # _________ (to confirm)
recommendations for other faculty to contact/classes
_________________       ___________________     _________________
If you are not teaching an undergrad class this quarter, we would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this note on to pertinent faculty in your department. I will get back to you asap with a set time and date. Thank you very much for your time and commitment. If you do not have time to respond, I will follow-up on the phone over spring break.

Seth Levin
WashPIRG Lead Organizer

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 11:13:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Wendy Peters 
To: Economic Geography 
Subject: Re: Cleanup

Gunter Krumme-

Thank you so much for your response to my letter. Did you happen to get it from Lucy Jarosz? I write a description of the Cleanup below, and some tips on how to get involved. I hope this is what you needed, so PLEASE forward it to all your students and anyone else interested. Also, if you would allow someone from our group to come into your class and make a presentation to get people signed up that would be great. Let me know as soon as possible if we can, and spread the word! Thank you!
[207 students: Please let me know if you would like such a presentation!]

WashPIRG's 12th Annual Hunger Cleanup, Sat. April 13th.

This Spring WashPIRG's Hunger and Homelessness Group will be sponsoring the Hunger Cleanup along with the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness. The CLeanup is an event meant to pull together groups from across campus and the entire community for one day of community service. Teams of 8 members are pulled together and then sent around to various shelters, soup kitchens, and parks to do a few hours of cleaning and oprganizing. Before the event all participants work on getting pledges from family, friends, and neighbours for the volunteer work they will be doing- like a walk-a-thon. All money raised is then dispersed to local, national, and international hunger relief organizations. It is a fun and easy way to get involved in volunteer work and get involved with your community. Below are some ideas on how anyone can get involved.

	-Sign up to be a team leader. Being a leader is quite simple- we 
	just need contacts for every group and if you think you can pull 
	together just 7 of your friends and family and make it to a few 
	team leader, fund-raising training meetings than you can be a leader.
	-Simply sign up to participate
	-Get any organizations or clubs that you are involved with to sign up, 
	 it is easy to mobilize people that are already grouped together.
	-Spread the word throughout your classes, dorm halls, etc.

We need names of team leaders ASAP so if you think you are interested, but do not even have a team together yet, don't worry about it, we still have plenty of time to recruit- but we need to start holding team leader meetings. OR, if you know you want to participate but only know of a few other people who could be on your team that;s great too, we wil be combining some of the smaller teams and anyone who wants to sign up individually will be placed with one of our many (hopefully) other teams! So come one, come all! It should be great! We have high goals this year, and hope to triple participation and money raised from last year! Any onw who is interested or has any questions please contact me or stop by the WashPIRG office in room 26 of the Sub-basement of the HUB. THANK YOU! Hope to see you all soon! Wendy Peters 934-8319, fishman@...

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