VLab Task #6


Task: Beyond HTML (Starting your Resource Page)

We have mastered the basics of Webpage construction, UNIX and HTML. Thus, we now can communicate with eachother without having to resort to Email which is much too unwieldy for this purpose. For the time being, there will not be any further new Web tasks except those which make use of what you already know, namely filling your 207 subdirectory and table of contents with future components of your project concentration. Nevertheless, you are free to expand your Web skills,
visit this Web-Survival site and get help from our Web helpers. Within your group, you may also decide to use certain Web technologies which go beyond what we have done so far. Let me know when I can help such as by sending you to the appropriate experts.

We will turn our VLab tasks back to practicing resource skills, including using the Library:

To start, lets make sure you all have found the Reserve Books for 207 in OUGL:

If you are interested in what lies ahead for your "Resource Page", click here!

Find the 207 Reserve Book List in the UW Libraries Catalog: Reserve Website and identify the book which is most likely able to help you with your "field of concentration" and your project. Add this title to your list of references which already includes your reviewed document and the three references of your recent statement. After you have seen this new book from OUGL Reserve (i.e. actually had it in your hands), add a few sentences to this new item (= "annotation"), maybe 2 sentences about the content of the book and 2 sentences explaining how this book is related to your field of concentration.

Create a new file in your 207 subdirectory, call is "resources.html" or "Resource Page for Urban Public Transportation" and insert into this new file all of the references which you have collected for your concentration so far. All references should be as complete as possible. If you are unsure what this means, have a look at the references (bibliography) of a paper in one of the major academic geography journals (such as the journal "Economic Geography"). If your references include Web sites, please make these sites "clickable". If you are unsure what other information to include (besides the full and correct URL), have a look here

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