Geography of Time & Change


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An Outline:

  1. Time & Change

  2. Time and Spatial Interaction

    [Hägerstrand's Time/Space 

    • Hägerstrand's Time-Space Continua (Prisms) Three types of constraints influence daily activity patterns:
      1. Capability constraints
      2. Coupling Constraints
      3. Authority Constraints
    • Value of Time in Transportation
      • Passenger Transport
      • Commuting: Value of foregone working or leisure time? (including allocation of time in households
      • Time to wait for the Bus vs. Time on the Bus
    • Travel, Tourism Recreation: Allocation of Time; Time to get there or time to spend there
    • Cargo Transport: Just-in-Time (kanban) and other Spatial Logistics
      • Capital Costs; Capital Intensity & Interest Rate (tends to influence Mode of Transportation)
      • Reliability;
      • Punctuality;
      • Perishability
    • Time as Component of (Transport) Systems Costs (incl.Construction) and time as Component of Operating Costs
      Networks: Canals vs. Air Corridors

      Transport Equipment: Trucks vs. Planes

  3. Time and Location
    • Time & the Forces of Spatial Differentiation
      • Periodic Markets (supply times and locations)
        • Itinerant Traders, Mobile Libraries, Opera Singers and Professional Sports Teams
        • Opening Times of Stationary Activities
      • Periodic Demand (temporal facets of demand [e.g. shopping patterns])
    • Time and Transport / Communication Costs
    • Scale Economies - Capital Intensity - Interest Costs
    • Time & (Historical) Inertia & Flexibility
    • Investment Patterns, Depreciation & Mobility (Locational Flexibility)
    • Locational Adjustment Strategies: Time Horizons (How could we distinguish between the short-run, medium-run, long-run?)

TELECRASTINATION (tel e kras tin ay' shun) (noun): The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only six inches away.

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