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Project Objectives:

This collaborative exercise (consisting of your own concentration within a Joint Consulting Proposal under a common theme) has five main objectives.
  1. First, your specialization represents an important step towards "breaking up" this gigantic field of Economic Geography into component parts or into different "PERSPECTIVES" thereby bringing Geog.207 closer to your own particular interests and sharing the diversity of specializations among peers.

  2. Secondly, it is supposed to provide you with a special area of expertise from which you want to draw your own practical examples for concepts and theories covered in class. Thus, your specialization will help you to understand general approaches taken in class.

    Thirdly, here is an opportunity to "apply" what you have learned or know already, to develop some imagination and entrepreneural initiative, and to "create" and present your own product.

  3. Fourth, it is based on the belief that learning at all levels has to occur as an active and interactive process, involving experiences based both on your own initiatives and on the interaction with peers and resource persons.

  4. Finally, gaining familiarity with Internet and Library search procedures belongs to the objectives of Geography 207. Some Resources are provided for your convenience and to get you started. However, these references to Internet sites and library resources may not be the most appropriate for the particular way in which you and your group may want to approach the "theme" for your new-course application and its individual components.

You will join one of 15 groups based on your interests. You may join one additional groups as an "associate" if your interest in the group's topic or your ability to contribute to a group's objectives justify that. In addition, any group may subcontract certain project functions to non-members if the group lacks specialized (optional) skills. Two groups may also form a "strategic alliance" or engage in other forms of inter-group relations if the resulting learning environment is thereby enhanced. There will be ample opportunity provided in class and Lab to meet other students, explore their interests and test your group compatibility. The selection process for groups can start any time during the first four weeks and will be finalized during the fifth week, i.e. after "Bootcamp".

Communicate with your instructor if this assignment causes any problems or questions.

Groups are responsible for preparing a (draft) "group strategy" which has both collaborative and individual components. This draft should contain at least the following (additional components are optional and would depend on your imagination and the particular subject area you are covering): [Due: Feb.11]

  1. A cover "page" with (at least)
    • your Project Title (which does not have to have the exact wording of the "Group Theme")
    • all names of group members and other participating individuals or groups.
    • a table of contents ("directory") for the draft strategy itself

  2. A one-page project outline. This outline should use the full page; thus, it should be either quite detailed or be annotated (or both). The project you are suggesting as a group can be more comprehensive than what is covered by the group's individual members. Just specify, in your outline, which components are and which are not covered. This rule should also make it easier to accomodate changes in group membership.

  3. Your individual contribution ("Concentration"): A 2- page statement (600 words minimum) from each member of your group in which you describe the content of your own segment of the proposed project. These two pages should be accompanied by

  4. A Resource Page which should contain at least:
    • two articles from academic journals,
    • two books,
    • two internet sites (which lead fairly directly to some useful information) and
    • one newspaper or news magazine article which allude to relatively current issues in your field (of concentration).
    • one data source
    These resources should be accompanied by a one-to-two-sentence annotation each.
    • A set of 5-8 questions which you (or your group) would like to ask your client before your consulting activities start in earnest.
    • A set of 5 to 8 questions which you feel you might be asked to answer by your client after your research has been completed.

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Please forward your comments, suggestions and questions related to Geography 207.