Student Projects (Geog.207/1996)

Class Projects:

In 1996, the Department of Geography offered a $100.-- Prize (as a UW Bookstore Certificate) for the Best Undergraduate WWW Document created by a Geography major. (The deadline was May 31, 1996; the prize was not awarded due to insufficient participation).

(*) student has disconnected his/her page(s) or has been disconnected by the University due to loss of student status (graduation etc.) (**) student has made his/her page(s) available after disconnection

  1. Matthew Adkison* || Matthew Adkison's Proposal || Case Study (No Title) ||

  2. Eric Berg' Group Project || Case Study: ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION: LANDFILLS

  3. Wayne Brewer || Case Study: AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING

  4. David Brooks * || The Washington State Theme Park Council || "The HTML and Geog.207 Experience"

  5. Aaron Countryman: Tourism & Washington State: An impact analysis

  6. Erich Eipert || Project: RTA (Questions & Answers)

  7. Kelli Grey's Group Project [INDUSTRIAL RECYCLING]

  8. Thomas Gruber's Service Learning Page

  9. Krista Harkema' Group Project * [Consumer Recycling]

  10. Aaron Kurlychek || Case Study: MNE in India

  11. Arron Pope's Case Study of the Canadian Auto Pact

  12. Christopher Ramos * || Information Economy Proposal

  13. H. Camorgo-Ruiz || H. Camorgo-Ruiz' Service Learning Report (Home Page Analyst, Seattle Community Network) || Mirror Site

  14. Anne Senters * || Anne Senters' Group Project || America's Aging Population

  15. Stephan Turalba || Project Part 2 (Information Technologies) || Stephan's (Service Learning) Page created for MOST (Making the Most of Out-of-School Time)

  16. Richard Vanhersett's Group Project || Industrial Pollution

Service Learning Agencies (served by Geography 207 Students, directly or indirectly)

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