Economic & Business Geography

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Class & Labs: Times & Places

W & F 1 - 2:20 pm; in: 101 Thompson

Lab:Collaboratory 1 [The Collaboratory is open to us exclusively from 12:30-2:20; thus, you may want to come early, if you like]

Geography Collaboratory
This newly available computer space (in 415 Smith) is available for this class at times still to be determined

Lynx in Lounge
For your work on Dante (E-mail) and Saul (weber) you can use the 286 machines in 411 Smith (Undergraduate "Lounge" or Commons Room). Through UWIN or UNIX and the Lynx (text-only) Browser, you can also get into the Web itself (e.g. to check the 207 Syllabus or your Group Page.

Resource Persons

Gunter Krumme; Smith 416B;
E-Mail (class-related:; urgent:;
Office Hours: after class & to be announced (see also Krumme's Office Door);
Tel.: (206)543-9089; Fax: 543-3313

Teaching Assistants
Next year's TAs to be determined.

  • Libraries, Librarians and Library Resources

    Geography Librarian
    Anne Zald || Office Hours: Mondays 8:30-10 and by appointment (Tel.: 616-1541 or E-mail: zald@u) Anne Zald's Library Survival Guide || Anne Zald's Geography Resource Page and Data Bases

    Undergraduate Seniors who have offered to help in Geog.207:

    Geography Writing Center
    ; Caroline Archibald Lange(Writing Advisor)

    Internet Coordinator ("Webmaster")
    Charles Hendricksen (veritas@u)

    Geographer at CSSCR
    Debra Ohman; [drohman@u]
    The Center for Social Science Computation and Research (CSSCR) is a computer resource center providing facilities and support for social science departments at the University of Washington. CSSCR facilities are restricted to use by students, faculty, and staff of the University of Washington.

    Lynx in Lounge (Smith 411)
    Rob Norheim (norheim@u)

    Service Learning Coordinator:
    Shelly Field (shellyf@u); Edward E. Carlson Leadership and Public Service Office, 34 Communications, Tel: 543-2618.

    Undergraduate Advising
    Rick Roth (rroth@u)

    Helpful Geography Graduate Students

    The nice people from Classroom Support Services
    without whom we could not enjoy 101 Thompson and its superb technologies so much!

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