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Presentation Schedule for Monday March 10, 1997


Due: End of 5th Week

Due: End of 9th Week

Group 1/2: International Trade, Investment & Finance || Saved for Posterity (Sort of)

Nisha Thirumurthy | Saved |, [International Trade and Economic Development of the Periphery (Core-Periphery Concepts)] Core - (Semi-)Periphery Relations: The Case of U.S. - Taiwan & Southern China
Robert Evans | [The Importance of Exchange Rates in International Trade] Optimal Currency Area: A Case Study of the UK and the European Econ. & Monetary Union
Grant Lessig |, [South America's Developing Complementarities: Mercosur]. Labor Concerns within Third World Trading Blocs: the Case of Mercosur
Matt Ryan | Saved |, [Effects of Free Trade on Regions and Employment Groups: Conflicting Arguments] Deindustrialization + Factory Relocations Overseas: the Case of the United States ?
Duncan Kim | 207 | Saved | [Electronic Communication in International Financial Flows] Cyber Money: The Case of "Digicredit"
Jeff Bigler |, ["Financial Transactions associated with International Trade"] Tax Heavens and Economic Geography: The Case of the Caribbean Islands
Sandra Lachan | [Trade Barriers and International Trade Agreements] The Effects of GATT on Developing Countries

Group 3: National & International Tourism, Recreation & Travel || Saved for Posterity

Bill Laine | Saved | Bus.Page [The Bases for Tourism in Israel] EFFECTS OF TURBULENCE, WAR, AND TERRORISM ON TOURISM: THE CASE OF ISRAEL
Dana Strick |, [Economic Effects of the Rise of Tourism in Eastern Europe] New Market Economies: The Role of Tourism in the Czech Republic
Melissa Pugmire |, [The Economic Structure of "Third World Tourist Cities"] Economic Links between Tourism and Economic Relief in the Third World: The Role of the Red Cross in Sierra Leone
Justin Bates |, [Regional Economic Issues in Tourism (Emphasis on PNW)] What is Attracting Tourists to Big Cities: The Case of Portland

Group 4: Geography of Communication and Information || Saved

David Shim | Saved,
[Telecommunication and the City] The Telecommuting City: The Case of Portland, OR
Heather Smith |, [Spatial Effects of New Information Technologies: Processes of Centralization and Decentralization] Centralization and Decentralization due to New Communication Technology: the Case of Magazine Print Publishing in the U.K.
Christina Detchemendy |, [Employment Opportunities in the Information Economy] Job Growth in the Information Economy: The Case of Washington and Oregon
Harvey Chen |, [Ubiquitous Information and the Changing Nature of Location and Marketing Decisions] Communications Systems in Multi-Locational Corporations: The Case of the Use of "Intranets"
Meika Leffler |, [Telecommunications and the Changing Workplace] Factors Influencing the Future of Telecommuting: An Analysis of the Role of "Job Satisfaction"
Tyge Spane | [Telecommunications and International (Economic) Transactions] International Trade Payments: The Case of Letters of Credit

Group 5: Business & GIS || Saved

Erwin Sarinas |, Applying GIS to the Utility Sector Developing an Economic Argument for a Facilities Management Geographic Information System
Jeffery Fuller |, [Industrial Location & Site Selection Analysis Using GIS] ...: The Case of Intel & Dupont
Brad Alleman |, [Creating Geographic Information Systems for Urban Environmental-Economic Issues] Assessing Employment Opportunities in GIS Activities in the Seattle Area
Karen Marasigan |, [Use & Value of GIS in the Public Sector] ...: The Case of the EPA

Group 8/9: High-Technology: (Business. Jobs, Education, Regional Development & Policy) || Saved

Adil Marrakchi | Graphic Page [Local Education & HighTech Regional Development] Local (High-Tech) Business - Education Partnerships & Mentoring Programs"
Cory Roletto |, [Regional Production Cost Differences and the Location of High-Tech Operations] High-Tech Location and State & Local Policies: The Case of Intel
Heather Pfau |, (Education), [High-Tech Developments, Silicon Valleys and the Location of Universities.] Local Causes for & Repercussions of the Growth of High Tech Industries: The Case of Silicon Valley
Ronda Benbrooks |, [Does the Internet increase or decrease Information Inequalities between Regions?] Inequalities in Access to New Information Technologies: The Case of the Third World
Denbert Fajarillo |, [Innovation of High-Technology at Local, Regional & National Levels] New Product Innovations: The Case of MMX Technology and/or Microprocessors

#1/2 #3 #4 #5 #8/9 #10a #10b #13 #14 #15

Group 10a: Geography of Corporate Retailing: Site Selection of Superstores, Retail Chains and Shopping Center Developments || Saved

Everett Fowler | The Location of Factory Outlet (and other) Shopping Centers in the Urban Periphery: How Far is too Far?] The Phenomenon of Distance in the Location of Factory Outlets: The Case of the North Bend Outlet Mall
Suzanne Subijanto | [Site Selection Processes of Super Stores & the Organization of Outlet & Shopping Centers] How Far is Too Far for Super Malls: The Case of Auburn
Jay Snowden | [Site Selection of Warehouse Stores Costco Warehouse Supply System: The Case of Lynnwood Costco
Jeffrey Schumacher | Intro | [Location of Major Distribution Centers and in Metropolitan Areas] Supplying the Growing Number of Retail Warehouse Stores: The Case of UPS (Redmond)

Group 10b: Retailing, Marketing & Small Business

[All disconnected; sorry!]
Robert Grimm |, [Three Important Factors for the Survival of Restaurants: Location, Location, and What?] Business Plan for a Steakhouse Franchise in PNW
Liana Nygren-Birkholz | [Analyzing Location Trends for Small Business Retailing] ....: The Case of Ursula's Island Farms
Jenny Hansson | [The Emergence and Diffusion of New Specialty Stores: How Does the Process Work?] ....: The Case of the Surf Equipment Stores in Seattle
Michelle Lam | [Population versus Income as Location Factors for Retail Activities] The Role of Changing Images: The Case of a Small Clothing Store
Myles Manning | [Retail Structure and Marketing Schemes of High-Tech Business] Technological Influences on Small Business Structure: The Case of Proctor's Card Shop
Chris Nordstrom | [Location and Product Attributes in Retailing] A Bike Shop Business Plan: Adjusting Product Attributes to Location

Group 13. Geography of Economic Handicaps

Joel L. Argudo | Saved | [Jobs & Employment: Labor Migration in Mexico] Mexican Immigration Issues: Economic Impacts in California
May Bloom | Saved | [Homelessness and its Economic Impacts] Can we solve the Homeless Crisis through "Affordable Housing"? Taking a Closer Look at _____________ (Seattle-King County?)
Ronald Holland | Saved | [Ethnic Economic Inequalities: What would Regional Comparisons Tell Us?] Inner city vs suburban income gaps of African Americans: The Case of Store Locations in Respective Areas
Margaret Mary Iverson | [Regional Recessions and Long-Term Regional Economic Decline: Effects on the Structure of Employment & Unemployment] How does Regional Poverty or Wealth effect the Quality of Schools: Comparing Hoquiam and Federal Way
Maria Lauby | [Geographic & Economic Explanations for Urban Poverty and Homelessness] The Impact of Economic Handicaps on Children: Homeless Youth(s) in Seattle
Stacie Maupin | [The Unemployment - Poverty Nexus: What can Economic Geographers Contribute to its Understanding?] Contrasting Unemployment on Rural and Urban areas: The case of Indian Reservations in Washington State

Group 14. Geography of Urban Transportation | Saved

Jonathan Forstie | | Saved [Changing Modes of Modern Mass Transportation and Urban Spatial Structure] The Appropriateness of Mass Transit over Time: The Case of Seattle
Forrest Greif | Saved | [Urban Transportation and Land Use Systems (Interdependencies)] In What Specific Ways Does a Mass Transit System Affect Changes in Land Use: Findings & Insights from Portland
Samuel Avaiusini | Saved | [Energy Issues in Urban Transportation] Does Mass Transit Reduce Congestion in (relatively) Small Cities? The Metro Plans for Seattle.
Gary Delrosario | Saved [The Need for Urban Commuting] Can we Affect Commuting Needs and Congestion through Telecommuting? The Case of Seattle Employees in various Financial Sectors

Group 15. Economic Geography & Environmental Challenges

Kathleen Ennis | [Economic Geographers' Interest in Air- and Water Pollution] Can Electric Cars Reduce Urban Air Pollution? Findings and Insights from Los Angeles
Lisa Fortney | [Can "Green" Businesses be Successful? -- Policy incentives and compliance: The case of energy] Regulatory Failures and Successes in Affecting Industrial Pollution: The Case of the Electric Utility Industry
Laura Martin | [Solid Waste Management and the Economic Well-Being of Cities] Solid Waste Management through Product- or Industry-Specific Strategies: An Example of How Taiwan has Managed Tire Recycling
Claudia Owen | EG, [Economic Geographers' Interest in Wildlife Habitat Protection and Conservation] How do we analyze Conflicts between Economic and Habitat Protection Goals? The Case of Exportadora de Sal (Mexico)


Project Guidelines #1/2 #3 #4 #5 #8/9 #10a #10b #13 #14 #15 Geog 207 (Cover)

Net result: Overheard at a recent business meeting:
"What would you call the firm if Netscape and Yahoo merge?" Answer: "Net-'n-yahoo."
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