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Geography 207 students have, for a long time, linked the learning environment of the 207 classroom to internships in the private and public sectors. Since 1996, many 207- students have also signed up for Service Learning as a component of Geography 207. (see also: "Geography Department strengthens commitment to service learning" [Winter 1996]). After having found an appropriate community-based organization whose work relates thematically to course objectives, these students have not only benefitted from class activities, they also have a build-in site and context for testing and applying classroom knowledge. This is an excellent "opportunity to combine theory and practice, to use what you learn, and to learn while you are making a difference in many people's lives." (Carlson Center NEWS, November 1993)

You are also encouraged to link your particular 207 interests, i.e. your "207 concentration" to some outreach activity.

If you are interested or want to learn more about this opportunity, come and talk to me as soon as possible, and/or contact the Carlson Office directly (Room 34 of the Communications Building in the Undergraduate Advising Area; Tel: 543-2618).

Also do not hesitate to explore additional-credit opportunities with me.

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Learning Activity
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Service-Learning Opportunities, Carlson Leadership & Public Service; Undergraduate Gateway Center, 171 Mary Gates Hall - Box 352805 - Seattle, Washington 98195-2805; Email: - Phone: 206/543.2550 - FAX: 206/685.8299 Click here! Joe Brown [] Yes
UWVolunteers Founded in January of 1999, is/was a student-run organization which collects, organizes, and shares (via e-mail and the Internet) information on volunteer opportunities and organizations in the Seattle area and beyond. No
Geography 207 Help with Webbeginners during first few weeks and students' Web projects during 2nd part of class; Use the opportunity to learn more Web skills from other helpers Talk with your instructor! Ongoing
Geography 207 Develop Learning Resources (Field trips, exercises, resource (Web) pages in one of your areas of interest Talk with (and make suggestions to) your instructor! Ongoing
King County Seniors Online Web page assistence and/or involvement in intergenerational programs. Location: Hamilton House, 5225 15th Avenue N.E., Tel:(206)524-0473.

Hamilton House Needs Computer Instructors

The Talmadge Hamilton House Senior Center in the University District needs an Excel instructor and instructors in other computer topics. Contact us at or call us at 206-361-0369.

Ralph Pfister Tel.(206)361-0369 Email: Yes
University Retirement Association Volunteering Opportunities at the University of Washington | Web Work Assistance; Helping with organizational & Internet tasks related to converting paper and telephone communication with retirees to online communication; Location: Gerberding Hall Debbie Vaughn Yes!
Undergraduate Research "The Undergraduate Research Program is a University-wide resource... The program provides students with information about current opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty on research projects.... Participating in research can provide you opportunities to: contribute to meaningful scholarly pursuits, sharpen your critical and analytical thinking skills, work one-on-one with faculty, complement and extend your classroom learning, prepare for graduate-level study, clarify your career goals." Contact: Matt Dahlgren, Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center; 34 Communications; E-mail: Yes (2 years ago)
Geography Advising & Career Center Internships Web Site for Jobs and Internships. See also Bulletin Boards outside 415 Smith Click!
The University of Washington chapter of Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 to: 1. Provide home ownership to people who are overlooked... 2. To address the fundemental problems of homelessness, and inadequate housing... 3. Promote awareness, dialogue, and exploration of these problems... 4. To provide the tools for students [...] to eliminate these problems. No
Seattle MOST Initiative || or here "Making the Most Out-of-School Time"

Resources for Web [e.g. This is a page done for MOST by a Geog.207 student in 1996] Service Learning Office [or Contact MOST at for Internet related volunteer opportunities] Not since 1997
Community Coalition for Environmental Justice We provide community education by giving presentations to groups in Washington and throughout the country. To date, we have given more than one-hundred presentations about environmental justice to a wide variety of audiences. We have also coordinated major events with distinguished leaders in the environmental justice movement. NOW is the time to get involved! We need volunteers to do office work, research, door knocking, phone banking, translating and interpreting, mailings and other tasks. Give us a call, or email us. Come to a meeting or volunteer! No
Washpirg Projects Background Research WASHPIRG Office; Washpirg (Washington Public Interest Research Group)

SCN Volunteering SCN Mentoring or Resource Help Seattle Community Network (SCN) Internet related Volunteer Opportunities || Public Internet Access in Central Seattle
Carlson Center Internships Carlson Center, A&S Advising
King County Parks Department Internships, Volunteer Opportunities
UPS (United Parcel Service) Internship
Volunteer Matching Service Depends Online No
Impact Online - Seattle Mission Statement: Impact Online helps match volunteers and non-profit organizations with volunteer opportunities using the World Wide Web. Description: Impact Online gives non-profits a new way to recruit volunteers and establish a presence on the Web, all for free! Mike Gaebler Seattle Fanatic! 206-527-5049 No
The Washington State Neighborhood Networks Consortium []
NNC is an alliance of private and public sector groups formed for the express purpose of combining talents, resources, and energies to promote the development and long-term sustainability of Neighborhood Networks Centers and Computer Learning Centers in our Region."
Neighborhood House Volunteer Opportunities Email to Dept.
The Pipeline Project If you are a UW student, you will be able to search through a database of volunteer opportunities in schools within the greater Seattle area. These opportunities are listed by your interest area, geographic preference and time availability. This site has been created to offer you opportunities to put your learning into practice, while providing much needed tutoring and mentoring to elementary, middle and high school students in our area. No
Fremont Public Association (FPA) Volunteer & Internship Opportunities No
Volunteering: Red Cross (Seattle) No
Volunteer Opportunities at Seattle Goodwill
Seattle Area Volunteering No
Seattle Works: Volunteering Makes a Difference No
Central Area Youth Association No
IDEALIST: 20,000 organizations in 150 countries. A project of Action Without Borders Search for Volunteer Opportunity No
AmeriCorps*VISTA Programs in Washington AmeriCorps Volunteers In Service To America VISTA is run directly by the Corporation for National Service. It is a full-time, year long program for men and women age 18 and older from all backgrounds. AmeriCorps VISTA continues VISTA's thirty year tradition of working with community groups to establish needed services in low-income communities. 1999 Example: Work as a VISTA volunteer with a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Computer Learning Centers in low-income housing developments. The Washington State Neighborhood Networks Consortium decreases the technology gap based on race, gender, income, physical and mental disabilities, and age by providing computer access to disadvantaged communities in Washington State. Living stipend and $4725 educational award. Call (206) 287-4484 or e-mail for more information.
Volunteer Opportunities in the Puget Sound Region
(PSCS Puget Sound Community School)
Technology Access Foundation
The Technology Access Foundation (TAF) is a non-profit agency with a mission to provide communities of color access to technology. This foundation is the brainchild of Microsoft retiree Trish Millines and former Seattle Mental Health practitioner Jill Hull. TAF was started in October 1996.
Volunteer Opportunities [3803 S. Edmunds St. Suite A Seattle, WA 98118 Phone: (206) 725-9095 Fax: (206) 725-9097]
Computer Learning Centers - Archidiocesan Housing Authority,
1902 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101;
Phone: (206) 956-9570;
Fax: (206) 448-8495
Community support is the backbone of the Computer Learning Center. For the Centers to be fully operational, we need the participation of volunteers who can share their time, energy, skills, knowledge, as well as vision. Volunteering in the Computer Learning Centers will be a fulfilling experience. The Centers provide the channels for volunteers to foster community ties and to learn more about issues facing low-incoming housing residents. Also, through working with a diverse population, volunteers will get to improve heir communication and teaching skills, increase their computer knowledge, as well as improve their resumes. Current Volunteer Opportunities No
WashTech: Washington Alliance of Technology Workers If you'd like to volunteer time to work with WashTech, please fill out the following form. WashTech staff will contact you or pass your name and contact information on to the appropriate committee head. No
NPower's mission is helping non-profits use technology to better serve their communities. Great - You want to volunteer! Steps to becoming an NPower Volunteer:
Virtual Volunteering Project
Virtual volunteering means volunteer tasks completed, in whole or in part, via the Internet and a home or work computer. It's also known as online volunteering, cyber service, online mentoring, teletutoring and various other names. Virtual volunteering allows agencies to expand the benefits of their volunteer programs, by allowing for more volunteers to participate, and by utilizing volunteers in new areas.
direct contact online volunteers: online mentors, tutors, advisors and others working with clients (including students)
InterConnection Virtual Volunteering
People can volunteer with our organization by becoming a Virtual Volunteer. Virtual Volunteers create websites for organizations dedicated to benefiting the local community or environment. They provide an online presence to these groups that gives them direct access to global markets and international support.
R'cd Email Aug'00
1265 South Main Street, Suite 210 Seattle, WA 98144 Ph. (206) 324-4649, ext. 13 Fx. (206) 324-4998 Mail to: Visit us at: Student Conservation Association Inc. Volunteering and Employment Opportunities SCA is regularly recruiting on campus

Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 12:22:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Linda Bich-Kieu Wasson 
To: Geography Advising News 
Subject: Student Volunteer Opportunities Available (fwd)

forest in the Pipers Creek watershed to protect Carkeek Park's salmon.
Can You Help?
	Volunteer activists want to see 1000 trees planted in the Pipers
Creek Watershed in residential backyards and street planting strips. But
this can't happen without additional volunteers like you. So please attend
the following meeting to get information on how you can help.

Orientation Meeting for Tree Advocates:
When?	Thursday, January 13, 2000  6:30-8:30pm.
Where?	Greenwood Community Service Center
	8515 Greenwood Ave. North  (2 doors South of McDonalds)

For more information on Tree Advocates call Nancy Malmgren (206) 363-4116
or to register for the meeting contact Beth Pflug (206) 684-4096 or email

A recent study of the Puget Sound region by the American Forests, a
citizen conservation organization, found that in the urban growth area
around Seattle, the tree covering has declined by more than 50% in the 24
year period from 1972 to 1996. This loss of trees has resulted in a 35%
increase in the storm water runoff and has damaged salmon spawning streams
as evident in the Pipers Creek system. In Seattle, we are lucky to have
trees available free of charge for planting through the Seattle Millenium
Woods Legacy Project. So the trees are available, but the challange is
contacting the watershed homeowners! We need people with many types of
skillsfor this three month effort. 


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