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Here are Questions and Answers about the "Musts" and "Wants" for the Web Presentation of your Project:

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You are invited, indeed you are encouraged to submit and/or discuss your draft version with your prof at before March 1. (Groups are encouraged to do so as a group and/or to come as a group to the Office Hours.) Come to his office hours and/or send the URL of your (text or html) draft to him. DO NOT send entire drafts by Email. DO NOT create attachments to your Web page.
March 2 (midnight, no exceptions)
Questions & Answers:
Repeat: Do we have to observe conventional rules of plagiarism and copyright? YesYes!
Can we write additional statements (additional to the minimum 600 words) which are more Public Relations and Advertising oriented and would NOT have to be documented and comply with other "academic conventions" (and might therefore be more appealing to the commercial world)?--- Yes, of course!
To avoid that your possibly real-looking group project pages will be confused with the pages of real organizations (the University would not permit us to use our Websites for commercial purposes!), please add to the top of your pages something like: Disclaimer: Student Project. --- Yes!
Can or should we use sub-headings to break up our statements and thereby create semi-independent paragraphs which can be made "clickable" (i.e. become part of your "hypertextual" presentation?--- Yes, you can and should! Introducing sub-headings is an excellent way to communicate the structure of your written presentation. It is also necessary to make the reading on the screen easier to your potential clients!
I just want to repeat once more that the 6oo word written part represents the evidence of your independent research (or your part of the group research) and the core of your presentation. It should have been thoroughly researched and should make use of conceptual ideas which relate well to the concepts and skills acquired in Economic Geography (they do NOT have to be actually covererd in our Geog.207). This written statement should be concisely written, repeatedly proofread (by you and a good friend) and fully documented [with full references, as complete as you find them in Geography journals or the bibliography of your text books; all URLs should be clickable and should be accompanied by information similar to that used for books and journals (author or organization of Web page, location if available, date of last revision, usually found on the bottom of a page)]. These written statements will eventually all be printed out by me and will be a major component of the evaluation of your project. The closer your draft comes to March 1, the more it should be in the correct shape and form. Now all of the (600-word) statements have to comply with these fundamental academic standards. Additonal writing and statements (PR, Advertising etc.) do not (but they need to be thoroughly edited!).
How imaginative do you permit us to be with regards to project components and organization?

Answer: Try me! I am looking for groups to develop their own rules within my broader guidelines and come up with fresh ideas which are not part of MY specifications... This freedom, however, also means that some of my broad requirements may seem to be vague or "unenforceable". I am happy to respond to any inquiry or "rule interpretation". After putting up already too many pages related to consulting and the project, I hate the much too frequent question: "What do you want us to do?" But I like the question: "What do you think about this idea?"

Some have already been quite innovative!
New Ideas?!
Can we make our "Personal Introduction" from the first week of the quarter part of our project? Yes, that is a wonderful idea and would very much reflect the objectives of our continuously evolving learning environment and this project. Just edit it, make appropriate changes, include your personal experiences related to the project (if you like) and add it as something like a "Preface" to the start of your project (or as a collection of preface statements to your group page). Of course, this can NOT count toward the minimum length of your substantive, documented write-up. ---Great Idea!
Do we have to observe conventional rules of plagiarism and copyright?YesYes!
How seriously shall we take the suggestion that we check the credibility of Web pages which we are citing in our project write-up or are listing on our Resource Page? Very seriously! We referred to this Web Site Evaluation page during out Lab-Bootcamp with good reasons! The best way to show that you have evaluated the quality of the Web site would be to refer briefly to your evaluation in your "annotations"! ---Yes, Very!
Group Pages:
Group Type I: Should Whole Group Page with every member's contribution be down-loaded into every member's Dante Directory?Not yet neededYes, Definitely!
Group Type II: Should "Umbrella" Group Page be downloaded into every member's Dante Directory?OptionalYes, Definitely!
Names of Group Members:
Connect actual contributors only!
Table of Contents:
Should individual components be connected & "clickable"?
Should your Group Members' (Revised, with title) Statement of Interests be linked to the Group Page?YesYes
Project Body: Conceptualization - Description - Analysis "Proposal" or "Draft""Final Version"
(= "Consulting Proposal", "Finished Consulting Project" or "Business Plan for a Consulting Group or Firm")
Minimum Length:
Group Type I:
200 Words x Number of Contributing Members500 Words x Number of Contributing Members
Group Type II:
Group Introduction: 50 Words x Number of Members

Individual Page: 250 Words

Group Introduction: 100 Words x Number of Group Members

Individual Page: 500 Words

Resource Page: Should contain appropriate and useful references from a variety of sources; Internet URLs should be "clickable"; at least 5 (2 for the draft) of these sources should be used and referred to in your write-up, three of these (one for the draft) should be from paper documents actually checked out from the Library!
Group Type I: (Joint & Integrated Resource Page) 8 references x Number of Members (4xM annotated)20 references per member (at least 10 annotated) [Member's initials should be attached to each reference]
Group Type II: (Individual Resource Pages, connected to Group Table of Contents)at least 8 (at least 4 annotated) at least 20 (at least 10 annotated)
Time Lines: Consulting projects are generally subject to deadlines, not only for the finally submitted product ("Deliverable") but also for intermittent stages. Thus, it is strongly recommended to develop such a project process, e.g. in form of a time-line.A brief initial versionA final version
Should the Location Quotient Exercise become part of the Project? --- Make an attempt to include the L.Q. meaningfully into your final write-up. Alternatively: use another tool and data to convey some quantitative perspective of your project content
Is it permissible to include other additional components? The sky, your imagination, judgement and time constraints are the limit!Yes!Yes!
Your personal, confidential evaluation of the group effort would be a very natural component of this project, particularly for members of Type I groups.
Please do it especially if you feel that your group's "collaborative" effort suffered from the "free-rider" phenomenon, if you feel feel that you were unfairly treated by other group members, if your own contribution is not sufficiently obvious, or if you have any constructive suggestion as to how this particular team-work problem can be dealt with better in the future. Such a strictly confidential statement should be sent by Email directly to Instructor (econgeog@u) or voiced in person. Thanks.
optionalrecommended for all members of groups, strongly recommended for members of Type I groups
Should everything which is posted on the Web be carefully proofread by all members of your group and fed through the speller (CTRL "T")?Yes!Yes!
Can I ask more questions about my or our posted project components, even after the deadline(s)? Can I ask the instructor and other class-members for feedback?They all expect questions!Yes!

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