Terri's Poverty Places

These are links to sites concerning poverty in the United States.

* Health and Human ServicesThis site contains information about poverty, federal guide lines, elderly programs, foster care and more.

* Maps of PovertyMake your own map of poverty with the Census Bureau's TIGER Map Server.

*ArticlePublic Enemy Number One? The Media's Debate Is a War on Poor Women

* Housing, Health and PovertyThis site has a lot of great information on poverty.

* Poverty: An Overview and Background PaperVery informative paper by Nancy B. Leidenfrost.

* Great paper on the working poor

* Institute for Research on Poverty

* Welfare and Families An electronic Welfare Policy news network that has up to date information on policy changes coming from Capitol Hill.

* National Coalition For the Homeless Find out about policy, events, research on the homeless. Meet some homeless people- this site gives the homeless a voice and a face and allows them to tell their story.

* Real changeA newspaper created by homeless men and women in Seattle. I encourage you to buy this from your local streetside vendor (as well as read it here) to help the homeless help themselves. Cost, $1.00.

* Welfare reform bill overview.

International Sites-

* Social Disadvantage Research Group Oxford University runs this site. You can find global maps of low income here.

* Canadian Welfare Policy Contains statistics concerning poverty and welfare in Canada.

* Canadian Welfare Reform Proposed Canadian Welfare reforms.