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Basic Concepts:

Input - Output Tools:

Sources: Goodall, Dictionary of Human Geography; Hewings, Regional Input-Output Analysis; Schaffer, Regional Impact Models, etc.]

Washington State Input Output Analyses

Input-Output and Environmental Accounting:

Input-Output on the Internet:

Input-Output Exercise [James Biles (Michigan State)]


Wassily Leontief (photo) [1906 - 1999]

Input-Output Technique - an introductory presentation

A DOS-based, instructional version of IO7 -- an input-output modeling program can now be accessed on the Web (WWW) at Read "read.me2" for a description. It can be downloaded as separate files, or as .arc archive. The author invites comments. []

Commodity Flow Survey. (Bureau of Transportation Statistics)

BEA Publications on Input-Output Accounts

Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment [EIOLCA / Green Design Initiative]

estimate the overall economic, environmental, and health and safety impacts from producing a certain dollar amount of any of 500 commodities or services in the United States. It will provide rough guidance on the relative impacts of different types of products, materials, services, or industries with respect to resource use and emissions throughout the U.S. The entire supply chain of requirements is included, so that the effects of producing a $20,000 motor vehicle would include not only the impacts of final assembly, but also the impact from mining of metals, making electronic parts, forming windows, etc. that are needed for parts to build the car...
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  • Input-Output Literature:

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