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Please note: This Geography 207 glossary is supposed to complement not replace existing glossaries in Economic Geography. Please be critical of all glossaries you are using. Point out inconsistencies or discrepancies. Do not hesitate to suggest to me (by E-mail or informal written notes) to use this glossary to address any ambiguities you may have found or to add definitions, explanations or clarifications which you cannot find elsewhere.

Goodall, Brian, Dictionary of Human Geography, Penguin 1987 (On Reserve in OUGL)

Johnston, R.J. et al., Dictionary of Human Geography, 3rd ed., 1994 (On Reserve in OUGL)

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The following terms and concepts are not reading assignments per se, but are to assist you -- as needed, required or desired -- in sorting out unaccustomed terminology and in placing our discussions into the broader context of Human Geography]. You are accountable only for (all) terms which are emphasized in class or in the required readings.

There are two Dictionaries of Human Geography on reserve in OUGL, one by Brian Goodall, the other by R.J. Johnston et al. The two are quite different in nature. Goodall provides generally shorter, more concise definitions and explanations and has a larger coverage, while Johnston provides more detailed treatments of less concepts. Many of these expositions have strong political-economy overtones.

In addition, there is an online glossary available with much shorter definitions and/or referrals to other Websites. This glossary is incomplete and "under construction".

Finally, our text book (Stutz) has a glossary in the back of the book. Here the definition have become so short that they are often insufficient representations of the underlying concepts.


Economic Geography; Economics; Geography; Industrial Geography; Land Economics; Marketing Geography; Microeconomics; Regional Science; Transport Geography; Urban Geography; Location Theory; Economic Geography; Space Economy; Welfare Geography; Theory; Hypothesis; Law; Model;

Area; city; city region; closed economy; closed system; conurbation; economic behavior; economic man; economy; entrepreneur; environment; firm; Hotelling Model; industry; locality; location; location quotient; manufacturing industry; market economy; place; population; region; scale; space; territory; urban;

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ceteris paribus; deduction; induction; model; theory; trade-off; variable;

factor of production; factor mobility; primary activity/sector; secondary activity; tertiary activity; quaternary activity.
agglomeration economies; centrifugal & centripetal forces; concentrated decentralization; concentration and centralization; decentralization; dispersion; economies of massed resources; economies of scale; externalities; external economies; indivisibility; localization economies; primate city; urbanization economies;
agricultural geography; agricultural location theory; Alonso Model; bid rent (bid-price) curve; height/density index; the commons; concentric zone theory; crop rotation; economic margins of cultivation; economic rent; highest and best use; intensive agriculture; location rent; Ricardian theory of rent; urban area; urban core; urban field; von Thunen model;

Neoclassical economics; equilibrium; industrial geography; Behavioral Geography; Decision-Making; Fordism; Post-Fordism; flexible accumulation; Industrial Organization; informal sector; labor market; power;

cost curve; demand curve; indifference curves; distance decay; transport costs, transport geography; mobility; footloose industry; agglomeration; external economies; externalities; economies of scale; economies of scope; factors of production; Resource; Energy; Satisficing Behavior; Place Utility; Environmental Perception;
Efficiency; Equality; Equity; Spatial Inequality;

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division of labor; footloose Industry; Industrial Complex; Industrial Inertia;

backhaul; circulation; communication(s); commuter; commuting distance; comparative advantage; complementarity; containerization; distance decay; entrepot; f.o.b.pricing; freight rates; spatial interaction; terminal costs; terms of trade; Transport Geography; transferability; transport costs; trip generation; Ullman's bases for interaction;
action space; awareness space; authority constraints; capability constraints; coupling constraints; daily urban system; time geography; time-space prism;
Market Exchange; Comparative Advantage; Division of Labour; Mixed Economy; Corporatism; Public Goods; Merit Good; Services (Geog. of); Producer Services; Diffusion; Contextual Theory; Time Geography; Time-Space Convergence; Life Cycle; Kondratieff Cycles; Restructuring; Deindustrialization; Industrial Inertia; Layers of Investments;

Neoclassical Economics; Equilibrium; Industrial Geography; Behavioral Geography; Decision-Making; Fordism; Post-Fordism; Flexible Accumulation; Paradigm; Industrial Organization; Informal Sector; Labour Market; Power;

Cost Curve; Demand Curve; Indifference Curves; Distance Decay; Transport Costs, Transport Geography; Mobility; Footloose Industry; Agglomeration; External Economies; Externalities; Economies of Scale; Economies of Scope; Factors of Production; Resource; Energy; Rational Choice Theory; Normative Theory; Satisficing Behavior; Place Utility; Environmental Perception;

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GOODALL: birth rates; brain drain; Club of Rome; cohort; cohort survival method; death rates; demographic transition; demography; fertility rates; infant mortality; life expectancy; Malthusian (Thomas R. Malthus') theory of population; population; population equation; population projections; population pyramids; product (life) cycle; total fertility rate (TFR);

cumulative causation; business cycle; cycle of poverty; development; diffusion; economic growth; filtering; industrial specialization model; innovation wave; Kondratiev cycles (or waves); product life cycle; port development model; regional cycles; residential (population) cycle; transport mode development stages; urban growth stages;

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GOODALL: Industrial Location Theory; localized material; Weber Model; locational triangle; cost structure; Cost; Surface Market Orientation; Material Orientation; isolines; isodapane; critical isodapane; Variable Cost Analysis; Variable Revenue Analysis; Spatial Margin; Market Orientation; material index; production function; range of tolerance; spatial margins; ubiquity; Weber's Theory of Industrial Location;

Basing-point pricing; central place; central place theory; c.i.f.pricing; consumer, consumer goods; convenience goods; delivered price; demand; demand cone; durable goods; Engel's Law; elasticity (income); elasticity of demand; f.o.b.pricing; high-order goods; hinterland; market area analysis; multipurpose trip; range (inner/outer); threshold; uniform pricing; utility.
OTHERS: Adaption and Adoption; Decision-Making; Uncertainty; game theory; maximin criterion; Prisoner's dilemma; bounded rationality; certainty; probability; risk;

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Locational interdependence; Concentration and Centralization; Decentralization; Counterurbanization; Production Complex; Congestion; Pollution; Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces; Core-Periphery Model;

Economic welfare; infrastructure; merit goods; social overhead capital (SOC); social benefits/ costs; social welfare; welfare geography.
Central Business District (CBD); central city; diversification; dual economy; enterprise zone; filter-down theory of industrial location; gentrification; incubator hypothesis; industrial location policy; inner city; neighborhood effect; seedbed growth; underemployment, unemployment;
Sectoral model; zonal model; Multiple Nuclei Model; inner city; Central Business District (CBD); ghetto; suburb; green belt;

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GOODALL: International Air Transport Association (IATA); Transport infrastructure;

accessibility index; alpha index; beta index; connectivity; indirect contact space; linkage; network; transport network development model;
Forms of Economic Integration; Reciprocity; Terms of Trade; Integration; Linkages; Multipliers; Input-Output; Growth Pole; guest workers; industrial migration; industrial movement; migration;
OTHER: Just-in-Time (kanban);

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GOODALL: basic activities; basic/non-basic activities; economic base (export base) theory; environmental impact assessment; indirect & induced effects; input-output analysis; multipliers & multiplier effects;

acquisition behavior; branch plant; cartel; company town; industrial splashing; integration; multiplant firm; transfer pricing; truncation; truncated firm;


OTHER: Wassily Leontief (Grolier's); pcl (propensity to consumer locally);

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GOODALL: arithmetic mean (average); Gross Domestic (or National) Product (GDP/GNP); measurement; median; quality of life; value added;

balance of payments; balance of trade; transfer payments;
autarky; countertrade; customs union; dumping; free trade area; Heckscher-Ohlin theorem; import substitution; International Coffee Agreement; quota; tariff;

Daily Urban System; Information City; World City;

OTHERS: MFN (most-favored-nation) clause;

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WEEK 10:

GOODALL: backwash effects; core-periphery model; dependence; development stages theory of growth; dominant industry; dual economy; growth pole; industrialization; industrial location policy; infant industry; propulsive industry; Rostow model; spread effects; take-off;

JOHNSTON: Multinational Corporation;

Terms with more than one conceptual meanings in Economic Geography:

Terms which are regularly mis-identified (misdefined) by a large number of students in Economic Geography:

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