Geography 207: "My Organization's Internet Disclosures"


This Geog207 exercise is supposed to begin to introduce you and the rest of us to the economic geography of an (geographically articulated and interesting) organization which relates to your "Geography 207 field of interests" as closely as possible. However, not all organizations are very explicit on their Web site about the geographic features of their organization. In fact, some organizations may want to hide the fact that they have a physical presence in any particular area because they want to be known as truly virtual. Often, there is a competitive motive behind the hiding of geographically segmented detail of corporate operations. In other cases, organizations may want to avoid becoming too cozy with the communities in which they are located in order to avoid any undue claims to their resources (like being asked for donations) or, as we are seeing with Boeing lately, because they wish to give a strongly footloose impression, one which allows them to extract resources from the region. In most cases, however, the lack of geographic detail of an organization's operations is simply due to "benign neglect", the lack of realization that the community around it might be interested in or depend on such information or that the responsible people were in their past deprived of taking an insightful class like Geography 207.

In other words, the possible lack of geographic detail is in itself an interesting result of this step of your research. Just do not give up, your next step might be (if we have the time) to go beyond your organization's Web page to gain the necessary information about the spatial structure of your organization and its activities.

You may want to download / copy & paste the following table into your own 207 directory to simplify the logistics. A one-sentence description of the geographic facet for each category (inserted on the right side of the table) should suffice in most cases (with a link to the relevant corporate page). Alternatively, you may have to declare "nothing found" or "not applicable" (n.a.).


NAME OF ORGANIZATION (with a link to your organization's Home Page):

Economic-Geographically Significant Statements: Description of Geographically Significant Facet, Evaluation, Comment on your Organization's Web Site [Please Link the Relevant Page]
1. Mission Statement / "About" Statement: Economic-Geographic Components/References? 1.
2. Any indication where organizational headquarters are located? 2.
3. Any systematic or non-systematic presentation of organizational locations: plants, offices, labs, subsidiaries, branches, other locationally- distributed investments, by maps or otherwise? 3.
4. Any presentation of geographic/spatial distributions of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4a. clients (customers) or other facets of the marketing geography of your organization? 4a.
4b. subcontractors or other suppliers? 4b.
4c. alliance partners or other business partners? 4c.
4d. specifically international activities of your organization? 4d.
5. Any identifications of locational differences in organizational performance? (by profits, sales, changes in employment levels, number of clients served etc.) -- [please adjust to measures appropriate to your organization] 5.
6. Environmental concerns, PR, strategies, policies? 6.
7. Any references to the organization's labor markets? Job availability by location? 7.
8. Any indication of the organization's responsibility for social issues inside or outside the organization? 8.
9. Providing information explicitly for the organization's own employees? 9.
10. Providing information for the community affected by the organization? 10.
11. Any publication of news related to geographically- significant events (e.g. mergers) in the life of your organization (e.g. under press releases)? 11.
12. Other geographically- specific information or disclosures? 12.
13. Nature, functions and quality of maps used on the Web site? 13.
14. Other relevant Web facets (in addition to the above examples) 14.
15. Overall evaluation of the way in which the Web site is used by your organization to represent its "economic geography" 15.

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