Geog.207 Cyber Conference

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 21:12:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Economic Geography
To: Economic Geography
Subject: Lab Experiment in Communications

Cyber Greetings:

As I told you in class, we have scheduled a whole-class Lab Exercise (Hyper-Conference) leading up to the Lab-Time on Monday. You can attend either remotely or in the flesh, but YOU HAVE to attend!

Here is the Program:

1. Please respond to one or more of the questions listed below (at the end of this message) with a brief statement in which you -- as concisely as you can -- state your present view on the use of electronic communications media in the classroom in general and/or Geog.207, in particular. Do not hesitate to be frank or to deviate from conventional wisdoms (or from Bill Gates' talk to our class today).

2. Please send this statement to "econgeog@u" between now and Monday 10am.

3. We will compile ("aggregate") these "first statements" and transfer them to the following "Intranet"-Web site for ready access (only to members of the class; it will NOT be connected to the world)

("Conference Page"). It is important that you realize that your name will remain attached to your statement and visible to all members of this class.

4. This page should then be ready and accessible by 11am. Now we want you to read carefully through these statements and -- alone or in groups -- develop a(t least one) response. This response could be a revision to your own first statement or a comment, a (polite) critique or disagreement or a reenforcing agreement related to one or more of the published statements. You could also formulate an entirely new statement based on insights gained from what you read. There is no limit to the length of this "rebuttal" but it does not have to be long (a few sentences?). Feel free to participate with as many contributions as you wish. We will post these contributions as quickly as possibly in the same page under a different heading. We will close this second part of the "hyper-discussion" at 3p.m.
Students who are not able to participate in this "interactive interfacing" can nevertheless earn "participation-credits" by writing and submitting (for attachment to the Page) a 200-300 word evaluation of content and format of this conference by Tuesday 11:30 am. All others are, of course, also invited to contribute final words after Monday 3pm.
All contributions should be sent through your E-mail account or via the comment form attached to the "Conference-Page".

5. The Monday Lab time can, of course, also be used to ask questions about class materials or the Project (Part2) or to work on your project or your home page.

6. Carlos (TA) and I reserve the option to edit your contributions if appropriate (shorten, correct spelling etc) before posting them.

7. Feel free to ask us questions (via econgeog@u) about your Part2 Proposal.

8. And now the Agenda for our "Cyber-Conference":

Topic: Are there potholes (pitfalls) on the "Information-Superhighway"?

Our discussion is intended to explore our views (and our changes in views) on the value of our class-related electronic communications.

Has the use of E-mail and electronic class materials been

(a ) a nuisance, extra work or a burden which has little to do with the subject at hand?

(b) a useful practice of skills for different kinds of future work in the public or private sector or for other not-job-oriented (e.g. recreational) activities?

(c) a means to make your daily lives and logistics more efficient (e.g. permit partial telecommuting and 'remote resourcing' & learning)?

(d) a useful first-hand participatory case-study of spatial interaction phenomena covered in Economic Geography?

Virtually Yours, GK

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 10:27:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Economic Geography 
To: Economic Geography 
Subject: Cyber-Conference and other Announcements
1) The first 2 groups of contributions to our cyber discussion have now
been connected. You can access them through

(Take a bookmark for your convenience)
If you have not yet commented, please send your contribution(s) as early
as you can. We will connect them as time permits.
                        :-)     G.K.

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