Finalizing the 207 Learning Portfolio

Official due date: June 3, 2000. However, if you are willing to proofread your whole Portfolio at least twice, correct obvious errors including those gleaned from the "Corrections" and consider some of the suggestions below, your due date will be extended to Thursday June 5.

If you have handed in your complete (On-Paper) Portfolio on time (i.e. by June 5), you may still make corrections and add improvements online, i.e. on your WebPage. For these changes to count, they should be posted by June 7 and be announced by Email to alert instructor.

No part of the portfolio can be submitted by Email. If you want it to count as a hypertextual presentation (and to be opened by instructor) it can also not be attached to your WebPage as a pdf or doc file. Internal and external (connected hyper-) links are encouraged.

  1. Portfolio: Learning Objectives, Expected Outcomes and Resources

  2. Presentations: All portfolios have to be available during class time on Thursday June 5 for Peer Evaluations.

  3. Content:

    1. Minimum Requirements:

  1. Personal Introduction with Objectives and Outcome Expectations.

    (Probably needs to be adjusted and expanded to serve as an introduction to your Portfolio.

    Q.: Should I leave "my personal academic background" in this Portfolio Introduction?
    A.: I might suggest that you leave it in as part of the introduction, maybe give it an appropriate new subheading. Feel free to edit it if you think that is needed. This is a portfolio, not a narrowly targeted and tightly packaged project. Some personal background and context still make a lot of sense.

  2. Comparison of Three Texts (2nd Week)

  3. Resource Page: Initial Version

  4. Population Pyramid with Interpretation of selected Cohort or Life-Stage Phenomena in the Selected Context; If pyramid is hand-drawn, it should have straight lines and be drawn in ink (not pencil)(4th Week)

  5. Location Quotient Exercise (Please check and, if necessary correct or expand, the calculation, interpretation and data sources for this assignment) (5th Week)

  6. Thunen/Land Use Exercise (6th Week)

  7. Spatial Competition Exercise (7th Week)

  8. Network Exercise (8th Week)

  9. Resource Page: Needs a substantive topic, 2-tier subheadings, connected URLs (if posted online), complete citations, balance and relevance for your topic. You do not have to identify how you found the reference. URLs are INSUFFICIENT as citations. The first category should be something like "General introduction to my field of interests within Economic Geography" and should include at least one annotated reference of the kind appropriate for the Friday Contribution for week#7. (3rd and 10th Week + Discussion Week#7)

  10. Organizational Geography Exercise | My Organization It looks like that some of you are regretting now that you do not have your WebSite ready to go for this assignment (which, together with the Resource Page, would probably benefit most from a Web presentation). Being able to "click" your way right through to the source page of the information seems to make a lot of difference. One of you asked me (on Thursday May 29) whether it is too late now to attend an HTML workshop. I would think so (given that there is some other work to be done). However, if you know what to do and have everything else ready to go, maybe it is not too late for those two assignments.

    If you are presenting your organization assignment on the Web, please make sure that there is a clickable link for every category of information you are reporting on. Thanks!

  11. Integrated Write-Up of your Portfolio-related research and your "Discussion Contributions", based on:
    • your research (for this stage or for your earlier assignments which you now integrate through this statement)
    • notes related to your (oral) contributions in class
    The emphasis here is NOT on length but on your ability to make the points which you intend to make (or have made in other parts of your Portfolio), the depth of your treatment, the relationships to Geography 207, the integration of your different assignments. While your initial "Introduction" should be rewritten or expanded into an Introduction to your Portfolio, this final write-up should become a summary of your arguments and findings and the "Conclusion".

  • Optional:
  • Journal of "5th Hour Experiences" (Workshops, lectures, computer or other assistance you rendered to other members of this class)

  • Particularly Pertinent Materials Related to Your Class Contributions (Discussions etc.) or Portfolio Theme

  • Other (Your Own) Write-ups Related to Class, Readings or Your Class-Related Interests

  • Physical or Electronic Form:

  • WebPortfolio: Please convert your present "table of contents" to a cover- or entry page with all the relevant additional information (including name, but NOT your student number).

  • On Paper (If your portfolio is also on your Website, you do not have to copy/print-out any non-text components of the Portfolio. In this case, please indicate on the cover-page that it represents a text-only version of your Web-Portfolio. Please do NOT identify your student number on the coverpage.

  • Organization:

  • Your Cover Page (Table of Contents)
    Web URL: be sure that your Website connects from the present entrypage as connected to the Class Membership List. All access changes need to be communicated by Email to the instructor.

  • Generous Use of Subheadings

  • Complete Bibliographic Citations. Links (Use of Hyperlinks to "external" Resources, i.e. all relevant URLs should be linked ("clickable")

  • Cross-References (hyper-links) to other Parts of the Portfolio (Internal Links)

  • Evaluation of Learning Outcomes of Portfolio
  • Peer Evaluation in class (and online, if accessible) Special forms will be supplied (10th Week)

  • Self-Evaluation (part of portfolio)

  • By instructor

  • Return of Portfolio:
  • You do NOT have to submit the original copy of your Portfolio. If you hand in a black/white copy of your color original, you may want to show the original to instructor.

    If you do not attach a self-adressed, stamped envelope to your Portfolio, you may inquire about the possible return of it by Email (after the end of the quarter). I will Not have regular office hours during the Summer, and I am not permitted to leave your graded papers or portfolios outside my door!

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