61. Urban Economic Geography: Foundations

  1. Foundation of Land Use Theory: von Thunen

    1. Alonso's Model: Bid Rent Function
        Stutz, pp. 265, 292

    2. Other Deductive Models: Wingo, Muth, Mills, ....

    3. More Inductive Empirical (in part Sociological) Models:
      • Burgess' Concentric Zone Model (Stutz, p.86)
      • Sector Model (Hoyt) (Stutz, p.287)
      • Multiple Nuclei Model (Harris & Ullman) (Stutz, p.287)

  2. Foundation of Analysis of Urban Functions

    1. Spatial Structure of Urban Hinterlands: Central Place Theory (W. Christaller, et al.)
      • Stutz, pp.308-13, 315-22

    2. Urban Economic Base Theory: (Macro-Economic Analysis) Economic Multipliers (J.M.Keynes, et al.)
      • Stutz, pp.284-5 (not very much!)

  3. Urban Transportation

  4. Cities and Communications

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