1LP: Learning Portfolio

  1. Portfolio: Learning Objectives, Expected Outcomes and Resources

  2. Presentation

  3. Content:

    1. Minimum Requirements:

  1. Personal Introduction with Objectives and Outcome Expectations (probably needs to be adjusted and expanded to serve as an introduction to your Portfolio)

  2. Book Review (If it turns out that your review is an inappropriate or inadequate component of your topical Portfolio, then you may have to expand the annotations to more substantial statements of some sections of your Resource Page in order to create a sufficient, in-depth link to at least some literature related to your topic).

  3. Location Quotient Exercise (Please check and, if necessary correct or expand, the calculation, interpretation and data sources for this assignment)

  4. Resource Page (Needs a substantive topic, 2-tier subheadings, connected URLs, balance and relevance for your topic)

  5. My Organization

  6. Integrated Write-Up of your Portfolio-related research and your "Discussion Contributions", based on:
    • your research (for this stage or for your earlier assignments which you now integrate through this statement)
    • notes related to your (oral) contributions in class
    • your online posting on your group's discussion page.
    The emphasis here is NOT on length but on your ability to make the points which you intend to make (or have made in other parts of your Portfolio), the depth of your treatment, the relationships to Geography 207, the integration of your different assignments. While your initial "Introduction" should be rewritten or expanded into an Introduction to your Portfolio, this final write-up should become a summary of your arguments and findings and the "Conclusion".

  7. All changes to your portfolio have to be completed by
    • 12:30 June 6 (if on paper) or by
    • Noon, Saturday June 8 (On-line) [Since Peer Evaluations will take place on and before June 6, Web pages should already be in good shape on Tuesday and Thursday of this week].

  • Optional:
  • Journal of 5th Hour Experiences

  • Slides and other Materials Related to Your Discussion Theme or Topic and its Presentation

  • Other Write-ups Related to Class, Readings or Your Class-Related Interests

  • Physical or Electronic Form:

  • Website

  • On Paper (possibly combined with a Poster, Handouts and/or PowerPoint Slides or Video)

  • Organization:

  • Your Outline (Table of Contents)
    Web URL: students.washington.edu/yourlogin/207/index.html

  • Sub-Directories on Website

  • Generous Use of Subheadings

  • Bibliographic Links (Use of "Resources")

  • Cross-References (hyper-links) to other Parts of the Portfolio (Internal Links)

  • Evaluation of Learning Outcomes of Portfolio
  • Via Presentation (10th Week)

  • Self-Evaluation (part of portfolio)

  • Peer Evaluation (online and at the time of presentations)

  • Inspection (by instructor)
  • The preferred method of submission of your portfolio is via your Website using a table of contents (linked to the class membership list) as your portal. All (final versions of) assignments need to be linked. Add extra links for all additional components ("learning opportunities").

    Students who are still without a fully functional Webpage at the end of the quarter need to submit one complete paper copy of their portfolio including all assignments (regardless whether draft copies they had been submitted earlier or whether changes have been made since then). Bring this portfolio to your group presentation in class and hand it in on the day of the final examination.

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