10L. Last Lab: Presentations

  1. Additional Guidelines & Suggestions:

  2. All Members of Geography 207 present their Portfolios virtually and/or in class during the 10th Week. Options are:

    1. On the Web. All members are urged to visit other members' Web sites before Thursday. Members may request 3-5 minute time slots to present their Web Portfolio. Instructor may selectively invite members to comment on their pages in class.

      Groups: Those of you who made use of any group opportunity ("Discussion group" or "Community" for extra credit) and have come up with any group product, please let me know. You may want to make use of the "group item" in your Table of Contents.

    2. On Paper (optionally with either PowerPoint slides or a poster): On Thursday, June 6, all paper portfolios and posters will be exhibited in class. Authors will respond to questions. An attempt will be made to show PowerPoint slides in class (as time permits). The presentation of PowerPoint slides on the member's Web site is preferred.

    Students with excused absences on Thursday of this 10th week may have to be prepared to get an "Incomplete" in Geography 207. Unexcused Absences will mean "no points" for the Portfolio component of the class

  3. Members are encouraged to discuss their presentation plans with instructor.

  4. Four Peer Evaluations: On Tuesday, all members will receive evaluation forms for peer evaluations of the Web portfolios of at least four members with whom you no direct contact during this quarter. The forms are also available online. The evalations should be accomplished before Thursday (for Websites) or on Thursday for Paper/Poster-based portfolios. These confidential evaluations will be collected at the end of Thursday's class.

  5. Discussion Contributions: Of course, you may lift (copy & paste) your various group discussion contributions from the discussion page into your own Portfolio Web site. Alternatively, you can ask me to insert a "tag" into the discussion text so that you can link to it.

(More to be added as questions arise)

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