Date: Jan. 4, 2001 || Your Name: ______________________________

Lab Sheet #1 (Geog. 207, Winter '01):

Demonstration of Library and Internet Communications Skills


This Lab Exercise relates to Economic Geography's reliance on resources and access to such resources in support of a wide range of topics covered in this class and and by your field of interests.


A. Internet Communication Skills: First Steps


(1) Formulate and send your first E-mail message to econgeog@u (1)
(2) Go to "sent-mail" and save ("S") this, your first 207 message, into a new "207" Email folder. (2)
(2a) While still in "sent-mail", export ("E") your first 207 message to the UNIX shell (into your "root directory"); name it "intro". (2a)
(2b) Dante Menu: Quit Email and go to "O" (Other choices). Go to "W" (Webdev). Activate your "public_html" Web directory. (b)
(2c) Type "cd public_html", ENTER, then "mkdir 207" to establish your 207 subdirectory (c)
(2d) Type "exit", ENTER, return to "S" on the menu to enter your root directory where your "exported" intro presently is. Type "cp intro public_html/207" (i.e. you copy your Email introduction into your 207 Web sub-directory). (d)
(2e) Type "cd public_html/207", "ENTER", then: "pico intro" to view your "Introduction". Make changes if you wish. (e)
(2f) Open Netscape or Explorer and type in the address of your own first Webpage: ......*Congratulations!* (f)

B. Syllabus Skills []

(1) Find the Geog 207 cover page; (a) Take a "Bookmark" for this page to make things easier for the rest of the day. (b) Now click on: "How to succeed". Which suggestion do you find most useful in this guide or any of the linked guides? (1a)
Response: (b)
(1c) For convenience, open a second browser window. Use your Bookmarks to open the '207 cover page', go to the 'agenda for week 1' and click on "Lab Sheet #1". You can now use the "hyperlinks" in THIS (very) form if you like. (c)
(2) Return to the 207 Cover Page. Go to "Seed References", then to "Alphabetical Resource Directory". Which "Resource List" might you consult for your 207-related field of interests?
Response: (2)
(3) Which section in the "Electronic Survival Guide" might be most helpful for you at this time? (
Response: (3)

C. Library & Library Data Bases [via Information Gateway]

(1) Find the 207 Reserve Book List in the UW Libraries Catalog via Information Gateway or (directly) Reserve Website and identify the title most likely able to help you with your "field of interests".
Title: (1)
(3) Find an article relevant to Econ Geog in today's Seattle Times
Article: (3)

E. Final Communication

(1) Click here and contribute your comments and Lab-related suggestions. (1)
(2) Finished? Well done! Congratulations! Ask for the next Lab Sheet (Just kidding!) (2)

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