Quiz #1 (Geography 207, January, 2000)


Select 1 (one) from the following items: First, please define and/or identify the term's conceptual meaning. If appropriate, you may also want to suggest briefly why this concept may be relevant or how it may be used in Economic Geography.

(1) How do Stutz & DeSouza (your text) summarize the major characteristics of "globalization"?



(2) What is a "deductive" model?



(3) Explain the "distance-elasticity of demand":



(4) Who was Harold Hotelling?:



(5) What are "opportunity costs" (as explained by Stutz)?



(6) What does the "Third Sector" (Rifkin) have to do with "Service-Learning"?



(7) "What is meant by the "tertiary sector"?



(8) What is a "spatial duopoly"?



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There will be ONE in-class make-up (or "grade-improvement") quiz at the end of the quarter for one missed or "missed" quiz. This make-up is open to all who have submitted at least the take-home version for this missed (or to be improved) quiz at the due date.
All quiz grades can be partially improved by submitting take-home versions with answers formulated in your own words. These take-home responses will count as "participation" and will count more if they are submitted before the originals are returned in class, i.e. one week after the quiz was given.