WSliq Download Site


WSliq is a computer program to aid in evaluation of earthquake-induced soil liquefaction hazards.  It was developed for the Washington State Department of Transportation by a group of researchers at the University of Washington.  The program is available at this time as a beta version - we will collect comments and update the code as necessary and issue an "official" Version 1.0 by June 30, 2009.


Download WSliq setup file (5 Mb)


Download WSliq database (44 Mb)


Download WSliq User's Manual (2 Mb)


Download WSliq Tutorial (small)


Users should download the program, database, user's manual, and tutorial.  The user's manual should be read before attempting to use the program.  The tutorial should be completed in its entirety before attempting to perform any site-specific analyses.


Comments on the program are welcomed and may be directed to:

Please note that this email address may not be checked on a daily basis, so immediate replies should not be expected.