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Jürg Koch, Assistant Professor
Office: Meany 102B
Box: 351150

Office Hours: Thursday 11-12 or by appointment
E-mail: kochj@uw.edu
Telephone: 206 616 7561

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regular courses

modern technique
I teach all levels of modern/contemporary technique offered in the uw dance program. My class uses non-codified contemporary dance material informed by historic modern dance forms, Release based work and Integrated Dance. I work with explorative, improvised and set material to prepare dancers to move with specificity in their full physicality and deal with various different performance modes used in post modern dance practice. The classes are structured progressively, providing a balance between repetition, developing existing material and introducing new phrases.

I teach all three different levels of composition with an emphasis on compositional content, structures and processes. We do this through improvisations, creative tasks and assessed studies. In the composition series the participants develop their artistic voice, gain choreographic competency and become articulate about dance via the spoken and written word. This includes skills in communicating ideas, directing dancers, structuring the creative process and reviewing their own work and the work of others.


integrated dance
Working with Candoco integrating disabled and non-disabled performers informs my artistic and pedagogic outlook. I have a specialized interest in creating access to formal dance training for a diversity of participants. At the UW I offer two different courses in integrated dance on a rotational basis. In 2005 I co-organized the Physically Integrated Dance Summer Intensiv with AXIS Dance Company. Since then an annual Integrated Dance Summer Intensives has been hosted as an independent course in the UW dance program during August.

mfa concert
I have served as the artistic director of the annual dance majors concert in the uw dance program from 2004-10. Since 2011 I have been directing the annual graduate concert with performances in May.

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