rite of spring: rehearsal schedule

Please check your availability for the dates below. Specific rehearsal calls vary and will be confirmed in due course. Dowload pdf version


Thursday, Nov 1, 6-9pm, Studio 265 Saturday, Nov 3, 2-5pm, Studio 267
Thursday, Nov 8, 6-9pm, Studio 265 Saturday, Nov 10, 1-5pm, Studio 265
Thursday, Nov 15, 6-9pm, Studio 265 Saturday, Nov 17, 1-5pm, Studio 266
Thursday, Nov 22, No Rehearsals Saturday, Nov 24, No Rehearsals
Thursday, Nov 29, 6-9pm, Studio 265  


  Saturday, Dec. 1, 1-5pm, Studio 265
Thursday, Dec. 6, 6-9pm, Studio 265 Saturday, Dec. 8, 1-5pm, Studio 265
Week December 10-15 a number of rehearsal blocks between 4 and 9 in studio 265. Specific days and times to be set up via doodle poll. We will not rehearse on all days.
  Saturday, Dec. 15, 1-5pm, Studio 265
  Saturday, Dec. 22, 1-5pm, Studio 265

break, december 23 - january 4


  Saturday, Jan. 5, 1-5pm, Studio 265
Thursday, Jan. 10, 6-9pm, Studio 265 Saturday, Jan. 12, 1-5pm, Studio 265

week of performances

Monday, Jan 14, 6.30-8.30pm, Spacing Rehearsal, Meany Stage (meet in studio 266, go to stage)
Tuesday, Jan 15, 6-10pm, Technical Rehearsal for Rite only, Meany (meet in studio 265)
Wednesday, Jan 16, 6-10pm, Technical Run, Meany, your chance to see the other pieces
(meet in studio 265)
Thursday, Jan 17, 6-10pm, Dress Rehearsal, Meany Stage, tbc
Friday, Jan 18, 7-10pm, Performance 1, Meany Stage, Warm up in studio 267, tbc
Saturday, Jan 19, 6-10pm, Performance 2, Meany, Meany Stage, Warm up in studio 267, tbc
Sunday, Jan 20, 12.30-5.30pm Filming, Meany Stage, Meet and prep in studio 267, tbc