rite of spring

“The music of Le Sacre du Printemps baffles verbal description. To say that much of it is hideous as sound is a mild description. There is certainly an impelling rhythm traceable. Practically it has no relation to music at all as most of us understand the word.”
- 1913 review in the Musical Times of London
A crowd of people pushing through each other

“There can be no doubt: Le Sacre du printemps is the dance score of the twentieth century, if not, indeed, of all time – we need only consider the huge number of settings – and its allure for choreographers has remained strong despite the major challenges of the music.”

- Jordan, Stephanie. 2007. Stravinsky dances: re-visions across a century

Image: Steve Korn, dancers 2012 cast  

project background
The Rite of Spring or Le Sacre du Printemps was premiered almost 100 years ago, May 29, 2013, in Paris. It’s premiere ended in a riot, the audience rejecting the startling modernist aesthetic of the music and the choreography, including sharp dissonance, complexity, tension and violent distortion.

Retrospectively The Rite of Spring has been identified as a fitting opening for the 20th Century – the rise of modernity, a century of unparalleled development, potential and destruction. Since then numerous reinterpretations as well as attempts to recreate the original choreography by Vaslav Nijinsky have been staged. With its centenary pending faculty from the UW Dance Program and School of Music and School of Drama are collaborating for performances in January 2013 in Meany Hall.