idsi 2013
five-day intensive
august 12-16


The intensive offers and two daily classes. The daily training class and the composition and repertory classes are instructed by Jürg Koch as well as selected guest presenters. Additional guest presentations by Round Table participants will be included in the final schedule.

Included in the program are also an open community session, a film session and social events during the evenings. See the sessions descriptions below for more information.

The intensive has an open enrollment for participants of varying abilities and levels of dance experience, age range 16 and older.

two wheelchair dancers partnering in the warm up part of the class

photo: tim summers
dancers: ania flatau, yulia arakelyan, kathy coleman, brie chun, participants 2010

fees and registration
The *early registration period and fee structure ends July 1. Registration remains open subject to availability of spaces up to the first day of the intensive.

five-day intensive
Training Class $140*/$170
Composition/Repertory $140*/$170
Both classes $200*/$250
Included in the fees above is a $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Participants registered for any of the above options are eligible to attend all other open scheduled sessions included in the intensive.

day attendance $50
Interested in attending on a specific day? Please inquire about open spaces via email

drop in session $20
Interested in attending a single training session? Please inquire about open spaces via email

Individual payment arrangements can be made for applicants from abroad. For more information about the registration process, fees and payment options please download and read the registration form.

Five- Day Registration form(.doc)
This is a fillable form. Should you encounter any difficulty downloading and opening the form, please contact