idsi 2012


These are two variations from the perception/perspectives score first developed during the arts and inclusion residency at ucirvine, june 2012. Perception/perspectives is a collection of variations on a scene developed through descriptions, soundscores and texts. One version here has simultaneous text layered, while the other is performed without words. The dancers state where they are in space, also revealing their facing, orientation and direction (this is especially evident in the live performance.) At other times they tell stories and describe what they do.

The dancers improvise and set their material of a pattern crossing a 5x5 meter square left to right and up to down. They go forward, sideward, return, go backward and diagonal. They go together, alone, against each other. The find their own way of propelling, locomoting, pushing, traveling through space. The describe each other by outlining the contours of each others body while in motion.

For this version filmed in a simple workshop set up. I cut in relay style between three different casts with disabled and non-disabled performers, including two wheelchair users.

Dancers: Carolina Caballero, Kari Cunningham-Røsvik, Angela Larson, Jay Lowman, Maria Vaughn, Rachel Ferguson

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