IDSI 2011

The 2011 intensive featured daily technique classes, developing individual movement phrases through tasks.

The composition course ran under the headings of Sensation, Perception and Synesthesia. The participants developed duets and combined them with poetic descriptions. We also worked with a task score from the piece meanwhile (Koch, 2010) and developed a response piece to To Have and to Hold (Shapiro and Smith, 1989).

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Performance imgage with two dancers one sitting on the floor, the other standing behind, both facing to the left, subtitle text reads:
The Round Table over the week end included a series of presentations. Kathy Coleman presented The Right to Dance- Inclusive Art Vibe with Rachel Esteve. Shayda Kafai chaired the panel Dance as Intervention: Reinscribing the Body Through Movement with presentations by Anna Hickey-Moody, Krista Miranda, Gill Williams and Petra Kuppers. Performance image with nine dancers grouped in trios on three parallel benches set on the diagonal. The dacners are all reclining in different positions, laying on or under the benches. They connect with each other through holding, leaning and embracing

Five Day Intensive Participants:
Kari Cunningham-Rösvik, Kyle Easterly, Melanie Gladstone, Angela Larson, Krista Miranda, Brenda Tausch-Lapora, Gill Williams
Guests: Rachel Esteve, Amy Voris
Interns: Kyle Easterly, Brenda Tausch-Lapora

Round Table Participants:
Kathy Coleman, Shayda Kafai (via skype), Petra Kuppers, Krista Miranda, Gill Williams