IDSI 2009

The slide show includes pictures from the final showing. Emerging topics for the week was translation, descriptions and perspectives. They were manifest in personal movement material, duets and text in ASL, English, French and Russian.

There is a diversity of dancers represented including wheelchair users and dancers of various ages, body types, gender and dance experience.

Image of diverse performers including bodytype, age and disability

Five Day Intensive Participants:
Yulia Arakelyan, Miriam Bartha, Kathy Coleman, Kari Cunningham-Rösvik, Alexis Jewell, Angela Larson, Lilia Sevastyanova, Hunter Severt, Alexandria Wailes, Sheila Whiley, Patrick Willaford, Daunne Zinger.

UW interns: Daunne Zinger
Images: Loewyn Young

In an intense moment, two dancers face each other, one reaches forward over the other who bends back and away A wheelchair dancer points  expressively to her right.