I have a broad set of intellectual interests and am enthusiastic about working with students across numerous areas of research. I particularly welcome applications from those who are interested in using critical theory to explore ‘real-world’ problems and issues, and who hope to both further theory and to make a positive difference for others through the process. Substantive areas of current interest include philanthropy, transnational migration and the ‘geosocial’, education, and urbanization. Scroll down for more information!



I regularly teach Geography 553 (Topical Seminar for Graduate Students), Geography 478 (Social Justice and the City, which I also offer online as part of UW’s Integrated Social Sciences BA), Geography 403 (Contemporary European Migration) and Geography 203 (Introduction to Migration).

MA Theses


  • Monica Weiler VARSANYI Proposition 187: Xenophobia, the feminized immigrant, and public spaces of reproduction in a transnational era [1996]
  • Catherine VENINGA The political economy of New Urban Space: A case study of Northwest Landing [1999]
  • Anne WIBERG-ROZAKLIS The educational gaze: The public classroom and competing national discourses post-September 11th [2005]
  • Rowan ELLIS “Dravida Nadu for Dravidians”: Discourse on place and identity in early and mid-twentienth century Tamil Nadu [2006]
  • Anneliese STEUBEN Segregated pedagogies in an era of standardization: Stories of progressive teaching in the Seattle metropolitan area [2007]
  • Patricia LOPEZ An historically situated case for children’s right to health: The birth of the model cities clinic of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic [2009]
  • Christopher LIZOTTE The children of choice: Public education reform and the evolution of neoliberal governance [2011]
  • Lynda TURET Building transformative place-making: Lessons from Washington Hall [2013]


  • Key MACFARLANE Projected thesis completion [2015]
  • Andrew ROMERO Projected thesis completion [2016]

Committee Member

  • Sarah M. HILBERT Revitalization of identity and place: The Zapatista Rebellion and the challenge to Mexican nationalism [1995]
  • Peter Birger NELSON The what and why behind the “West at War.” An empirical and theoretical analysis of migration to nonmetropolitan areas in the Pacific Northwest [1996]
  • Douglas Grant MERCER Rural Women founders of business service firms: New questions about old spaces [1996]
  • Brian David HAMMER Circular migration in poverty countries in China [1998]
  • Margaret HAWLEY Would you like rice with that?: Globalization, cultural hierarchies and Filipina American food service workers [1998]
  • Charles Rene TOVARES Is everybody going to San Antone? A metropolitan scale analysis of Chicano and Anglo migration to Texas [1998]
  • Mary K. KAEHNY Citizen representation in growth management: An evaluation of Seattle’s neighborhood planning process [1999]
  • Richard HEYMAN Geographical Thought, Ideology, and the University: The Humboldt Brothers and Daniel Coit Gilman [1999]
  • Carolina KATZ Remapping Rights and Responsibilities: A Legal Geography of the 1996 Welfare and Immigration Reforms [2000]
  • Maria E. FANNIN Birth as a spatial process: Themes of control, safety, family and natural in “homelike” birthing rooms [2002]
  • Dawn COUCH From public works to the projects: a regulationist perspective on public housing [2005]
  • Victoria BABBIT Embodying borders: trafficking, prostitution and the moral (re)ordering of Sweden [2005]
  • Juan GALVIS The state and the construction of territorial marginality: The case of the 1961 land reform in Colombia [2007]
  • TIM STILES The Social Construction of Geospatial Technology and Sustainability in the Private Sector [2009]
  • Margaret RAMIREZ. Food as an Engine: Race, Privilege and the Transformative Potential of Food Justice Work in Seattle [2011]
  • Monica FARIAS. Embodying Economic “Crisis”: Argentina’s Middle Classes and the Cultural Politics of Difference [2011]

Doctoral Dissertations


  • Douglas Grant MERCER The Nature of Fairness: What the Biggest Cleanup Effort in History Has to Say About the Culture of American Environmental Management [1999]
  • Pervin Banu GOKARIKSEL Situated Modernities: Geographies of Identity, Urban Space and Globalization [2003]
  • Charles TOVARES Race and the Production of Public Space [2003]
  • Brian HAMMER New Urban Spaces for a Twenty-First Century China [2005]
  • Mona ATIA Building a House in Heaven: Islamic Charity in Neoliberal Egypt [2008]
  • Rowan ELLIS Civil Society, Savage City: Urban Governance and the Liberalizing State in Chennai, India [2009]
  • Leonie NEWHOUSE South Sudan Oyee! : A Political Economy of Refugee Return Migration to Chukudum, South Sudan [2012]
  • Patricia LOPEZ Disease and Aid: 100 Years of US (de)Construction of Health Citizenship in Haiti [2014]


  • Chris LIZOTTE Projected completion [2016]

Committee Member

  • Linda BECKER Invisible Threads. Skill and the Discursive Marginalization of the Seamstress [1995]
  • Mark HUYLER Redefining Civic Responsibility: The Role of Homeowner Associations and Neighborhood Identity [1997]
  • Peter NELSON Hegemony and the Rural: Economic and Cultural Perspectives on Restructuring in the Rural West [1999]
  • Gabriel GALLARDO The Socio-Spatial Dimensions of Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Business Activities among African-American, Chinese, Korean and Mexican Persons in the Seattle Metropolitan Area [2000]
  • Alana Bridget BOLAND Transitional Flows: State and Market in China’s Urban Water Supply [2001]
  • Jackson Tyler ZIMMERMAN Re-mapping Transborder Environmental Governance: Sovereign Territory and the Pacific Salmon Treaty [2001]
  • Richard HEYMAN Locating civil society: Knowledge, pedagogy and the production of public space [2004]
  • Amy FREEMAN Contingent Modernity: Moroccan women’s narratives in “post” colonial perspectives [2004]
  • Catherine VENINGA The transgressive geographies of integration: school desegregation in Seattle [2005]
  • Jamie GOODWIN-WHITE Placing progress: contextual inequality, internal migration and immigrant incorporation [2005]
  • Maria FANNIN Birthing subjects: midwifery and the politics of self-determination [2006]
  • Sarah STARKWEATHER Defining Extraterritorial Citizenship: the Case of Americans Living Abroad [2008]
  • Stephen YOUNG: The Global Redline: Mapping Markets and Mobilities In the Financialization of India [2010]
  • Juan Pablo GALVIS:  Managing the Living City: Public Space and Development in Bogota [2011]
  • Ron SMITH: Occupation “from the river to the sea”: Subaltern Geopolitics of Graduated Incarceration in the 1967 Occupied Palestinian Territories [2011]
  • Arnisson Andre ORTEGA: Building the Filipino Dream:  Real Estate Boom,  Gated Communities and the Production of Urban Space [2011]
  • Agnieszka LESZCZYNSKI. Thinking the Geoweb: Political Economies, ‘Neo’geographies, and Spatial Media [2012]


Online Teaching

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