Teaching and Advising


While serving as chair of the department, I regularly teach Geography 500 (Geographic Thought), Geography 553 (Topical Seminar for Graduate Students), and Geography 497 (Undergraduate Honors).

Prospective Students

I have a broad set of intellectual interests and am enthusiastic about working with students across numerous areas of research. I particularly welcome applications from those who are interested in using critical theory to explore ‘real-world’ problems and issues, and who hope to both further theory and to make a positive difference for others through the process. Substantive areas of interest include migration, education, politics, and urbanization.

Current Advising

  • Patricia Lopez (PhD Student) Health Citizenship in Post-Earthquake Haiti
  • Chris Lizotte (PhD Student)

Emerging Spaces of Philanthropic Intervention in Education Reform

Previous Advising

  • Lynda Turet (MA 2013) Building Transformative Place-Making: Lessons from Washington Hall
  • LĂ©onie Newhouse (PhD 2012) Returning to the South: A Political Economy of Refugee Return Migration to Southern Sudan
  • Rowan ELLIS (PhD 2009) Civil Society, Savage City: Urban Governance and the Liberalizing State in Chennai, India. and (MA 2006) “Dravida Nadu for Dravidians”: Discourse on place and identity in early and mid-twentienth century Tamil Nadu
  • Patricia LOPEZ (MA 2009) An Historically Situated Case For Children’s Right To Health: The Birth of the Model Cities Clinic of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic.
  • Mona ATIA (PhD 2008) Building a House in Heaven: Islamic Charity in Neoliberal Egypt.
  • Anneliese STEUBEN (MA 2007) Segregated pedagogies in an era of standardization: Stories of progressive teaching in the Seattle metropolitan area
  • Anne WIBERG-ROZAKLIS (MA 2005) The educational gaze: the public classroom and competing national discourses post-September 11th
  • Brian HAMMER (PhD 2005) New Urban Spaces for a Twenty-First Century China.
  • Charles TOVARES (PhD 2003) Race and the Production of Public Space.
  • Pervin Banu GOKARIKSEL (PhD 2003) Situated modernities: Geographies of identity, urban space and globalization.
  • Mary KAEHNY (MA 1999) Citizen representation in growth management: An evaluation of Seattle’s neighborhood planning process.
  • Catherine VENINGA (MA 1999) The Political Economy of New Urban Space: A Case Study of Northwest Landing.
  • Douglas Grant MERCER (PhD 1999) The Nature of Fairness: What the Biggest Cleanup Effort in History Has to Say About the Culture of American Environmental Management.
  • Margaret HAWLEY (MA 1998) Would you like rice with that? Globalization, cultural hierarchies and Filipina American food service workers.
  • Monica Weiler VARSANYI (MA 1996) Proposition 187: Xenophobia, the feminized immigrant, and public spaces of reproduction in a transnational era.