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Research Interests and Research Projects

    My research interests fall into several broad categories, including migration, education, and urban-political geography. I am interested in the philosophies and practices related to immigrant integration, and also in questions of hegemony, particularly the role of schools and other institutions in the formation of contemporary citizens. My prior work focused on transnational migration and urbanization, and these topics continue to interest me.
    Current projects include a joint research venture with Sarah Elwood on the ways that learning interactive geovisualization technologies in middle schools might foster more critical thinking and civic engagement among teenagers, and a book project on philanthropy, education, and global health with Matt Sparke.


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Recent Articles

    Mitchell, K. and Elwood, S. (2013). Intergenerational Mapping and the Cultural Politics of Memory. Space and Polity 17, 2. Accepted and forthcoming.
    Mitchell, K. and Elwood, S. (2012). Mapping Children’s Politics: The Promise of Articulation and the Limits of Nonrepresentational Theory. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 30, 5, online and in press.
    Mitchell, K. and Elwood, S. (2012). Engaging Students through Mapping Local History. Journal of Geography. 111, 4, 148-157.
    Mitchell, K. and Elwood, S. (2012). From Redlining to Benevolent Societies: The Political Power of Spatial Thinking. Theory and Research in Social Education 40, 134-163.
    Elwood, S. and Mitchell, K. (2012). Children’s Politics: Mapping a New Public Sphere. Geografiska Annaler, Series B 94, 1, 1-15.
    Mitchell, K. (2011). Bodies that Matter: A Response to Stuart Elden’s Terror and Territory. Dialogues in Human Geography 1, 2, 247-259.

Recent Book Chapters

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