CSS 497: Computer Science And Software Engineering Capstone (Wooyoung Kim)

Completion of project as delineated in a contract between student, faculty advisor, and community sponsor. Prerequisite: CSS 350; CSS 370; CSS 422; CSS 430; two additional CSS courses.




I. How to start?

1. Check if you finished all your prerequisites:CSS 350; CSS 370; CSS 422; CSS 430; two additional CSS courses.

2. Talk to CSS 497 cordinator about capston project options (faculty research, internship, current job, individual/group project)

3. Contact a faculty member whom you want to be your advisor, and make an appointment for more details


II. Requirements

1. Contract

1) Download "CSS 497 Cooperative Education Contract" docx format from http://www.uwb.edu/css/forms.

  • The contract is a form of your project proposal: It should give enough information about: a) what is your project title; b) what are you trying to achieve; c) what is the motivation of this project; e) how to evaluate your project.
  • Make sure you include detailed schedule (in contract Q6). I prefer having a tabular format including: week number, proposed deliverables, due dates, etc. Your colloquium schedule should be included (abstract, poster, presentation and final report)
  • Credit option:
    • Decimal grade option: Faculty research, individual project/group project
    • CR/NC: Current job or Internship
  • Refer http://courses.washington.edu/css497 to see how to write a good contract

2) Send soft copy of contract in email (as docx file) so that I can give comments.

3) If necessary, revise contract and the print out the final version to get my sign.

4) You can then, submit the contract to CSS 497 coordinator.

5) Submit your contract on Canvas.


2. Reports

1) Weekly progress report: Summarize what you have done this week, schedule for the next week, problems during this week and self evaluation.


2) Final Report

      • Due is by the end of 11th week
      • Should summarize what you have done through this week. The report should be more than 5 pages. The format should be similar to a regular paper: 1) introduction. 2) Method/Progress, 3) Result, 4) Conclusion/Analysis. If you have a final product, please attach it as well.


If you are still working as an intern or as researcher in the current quarter, then you have to submit reports.

If you are already done working, and only left for the colloquium, then you do not need to submit reports. Only submit materials for colloquium. (abstract, poster, slides, final report, etc.)

If you are not presenting your work in the current quarter, then you do not need to submit materials for colloquium.

If you are taking 497 as a Faculty Research option, you have to keep a regular meeting with me.


3. Colloquium (All the following decouments are required to submit one week before the colloquium)

1) Schedule : http://www.uwb.edu/css/css497/colloq-schedule.

2) Abstract: Please submit it 10 days prior to the colloquium. It should be 200-400 words. Details can be found http://www.uwb.edu/css/css497/student-guide/abstract-information

3) Poster, presentation slides: Please submit it 7 days prior to the colloquium, so that we can review together. Poster will include (for example), background, related works, methods, experiments/results, and conclusion

Poser printing service is no longer available at UWB. You might be able to use Seattle Campus Printing service, or use local businesses.

4) Presentation slides: Make at most 10 slides that include background (introduction), related works, methods, experiments/results, and conclusion etc.

Refer http://courses.washington.edu/css497 to see how to create a quality poster and presentation slides