Current Students

Laura Deighan
Master’s Candidate


Currently a Master’s Candidate at the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA), Laura holds a B.S. in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology.  While at SMEA, Laura hopes to expand her knowledge of marine species conservation and U.S. and international marine policy. She is especially interested in how these interplay within the fishing sector, with a strong interest in bycatch reduction and sustainable seafood policy. Part of Laura's thesis work is funded by






Chris Oliver
Master’s Candidate


Chris is a Master's student at the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA). Before entering SMEA, he earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington. Having grown up in Alaska, Chris has long taken an interest in the natural world, especially the marine environment. He now seeks to augment his appreciation of natural science with an understanding of the processes behind natural resource management. He is particularly interested in fisheries management issues and their potential solutions.




Katie Thompson
Master’s Candidate


Katie received a BA in Biology from Oberlin College. During her undergraduate career, she conducted research on a variety of topics, including the effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton in Puget Sound, butterfly diversity on coffee farms in Costa Rica, and recovery patterns of mangroves in Mexico. She also worked at a local aquarium in her hometown of Bellingham, putting on public outreach programs.

After graduating from Oberlin, Katie was granted a Fulbright Fellowship in Costa Rica where she taught at the Universidad de Costa Rica and volunteered for sea turtle conservation organizations.

As a Master’s Candidate at the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, she plans to focus on community-based marine resource management and conservation strategies both in the U.S. and internationally.



Ezra Beaver
Master's Candidate


Currently a Master’s Candidate at the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA), Ezra earned a B. A. in Environmental Studies, Political Science, and American Studies from Eckerd College.  For four years Ezra has worked for a marine focused environmental consulting firm specializing in data management and marine mapping. He has also worked as a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska and Washington. Ezra is interested in marine energy, fisheries management, and marine spatial analysis. While at SMEA, Ezra will be focusing on the human dimensions of tidal energy in Washington State. 




Mike Chang
Master's Candidate


Mike received a B.S. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Yale University. He has previously worked on projects concerning phylogenetics of plants, molecular and population ecology of the invasive Mnemiopsis, coral bleaching, and community management in the Solomon Islands. Apart from his scientific background, Mike has also had a passion for communication and education, and has worked as an intern for the Louisville Science Center and as a teaching assistant for the Duke Talent Identification Program. He is pursuing a thesis in alternative forms of science communication through art and to study methods of connecting the traditionally distant groups of scientists, policy makers, and the public and utilizing these methods to hopefully inform environmental policy. 


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