How to Join the Jenkins Research Team

Prospective Master Students

Please review the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs website for information about the school and how to apply. For more information about the program, the application process, and how to plan a visit contact, Tiffany Dion, Graduate Program Advisor at 206-543-7004 or tlcdion at uw dot edu. Once you have taken these steps and you are still interested in learning more, feel free to contact Dr. Jenkins at kikij at uw dot edu to set up a phone conversation. Please be sure to include a copy of your CV in the email. 


Prospective Ph.D. Students

Currently the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs offers a two-year course sequence leading to the Masters of Marine Affairs. No Ph.D. program is available at this time. Dr. Jenkins is willing to serve on Ph.D. committees. Please email her at kikij at uw dot edu with a brief description of your project and a CV, if you would like her to join your committee.


Prospective Postdocs

Dr. Jenkins is currently seeking to hire a full time postdoctoral scholar for a research project on the human dimensions of tidal energy. More information on the position can be found here. She is also open to serving as an advisor on postdoctoral fellowships. Contact her at to learn more.


Research Positions

Dr. Jenkins is not currently hiring, but tends to hire one or two research assistants each year to assist with different projects.